Evolutionary Loop

Brilliant Idea… I’m going to go puke now.

Wouldn’t want to mess with the critter that starts it all here: nice collection of teeth + claws.

Over at deals.woot they are featuring the Jurassic Park trilogy!

This makes me hungry. Thanks!

This is hilarious.

You say nugget, I say dino spaghetti-o.

Those dinobites taste good with a tar dipping sauce. That’s a neat idea, Patrick.

It was supposed to be a chicken nugget? Oh… Nope, I’m in the camp that the write-up was targeting. I don’t get this one. ^_^;

Good kids shirt. :slight_smile:

Totally thought it was one of those Grow-Your-Own! dino sponges until I clicked on the thumbnail and realized there was a chicken and everything clicked. HA! Looks like I’m adding yet another patrickspen shirt to the collection… and probably also buying dino nuggets tomorrow.

If you are curious about the evolution of this shirt, here’s a little story for you. :slight_smile:

I have been working on a book for a few years now where two girls are stranded in outer space on a malfunctioning space shuttle. While fruitlessly searching for food in the ship’s “kitchen”, they start talking about their favorite foods and one of them relates a story about her geeky dad who found dinosaur chicken nuggets HILARIOUSLY IRONIC…

Being a teacher myself, I thought this idea would also make a cute shirt for kids to wear to school-

So, I designed this shirt

and this other version,

both of which were rejected by woot- That’s cool- no harm, no foul- I am not sure how many people would want to wear a plate of nuggets on their chest anyway. SO- I added it to my SLUSH FOLDER of rejected art and moved on…

Well, I loved the idea so much that after some time I decided to revisit it. SO- I made THIS design,


which woot also rejected. No worries, I thought. I will simply hang on to it and try it in a relevant derby.
Well, months go by and finally, about 4 weeks ago, we are given a relevant theme: FOOD! Here’s my chance, I say- If you follow the derby, as patrickspens does, you probably recognize it.

The design does pretty decently, but not well enough to win. I tried, I say. Maybe it was too weird or I didn’t execute it as well as I (or someone else) could have. To the slush for 60 days till I try another site. This is the game and I am content.

Then, last week, my idea evolves yet again, into the near identical version that you see for sale here.

I’m trying not to come off as rude or whiny, and no offense is meant toward Patrick- I respect his work and actually like this version more than the one I did- but it just seems low to take a failed idea and redo it near-exactly, especially so soon after it was posted. Yes, there are endless cookie monsters and such posted on this site again and again, but no one has had the gall to submit a cookie monster with milk shot glasses.

I just put these three designs in my shop in case anyone would be interested in the originals- I know, they’re not as cool as this one, but they come with the added bonus of HONOR-

Hang in there, Oakenspirit. Your integrity will be rewarded.

I don’t know whether this is convergent evolution or natural selection at work but it is a great idea. Commiserations, Oaken.


I’d buy your first two designs for my 2 year old daughter in a heartbeat if they were available . . .

Perhaps I’m in the minority but I love’em!

Oakenspirit - you’re way too nice.

A thief is a thief is a thief.

Usually these stolen designs get rejected but Woot allows their “prized” designers to do whatever they want; steal ideas, steal art, use clip art, break the derby rules, etc, etc. So I’m not surprised that this design went to print.

Oakenspirit’s design, all of them, are much better than this copy. Shame- on Woot for allowing this and shame- on Patrickspens for not having an original thought.

I was going to order one for myself but now knowing the history behind it, I can’t bring myself to do it. It is tainted with ugly. Too bad though… I like it a lot.



Having some involvement with “the grammar thread”, I’m not going to jump to any conclusions, but such issues have come up from time to time. Sometimes, there’s intent behind it; sometimes, it’s inadvertent.

In any case, Patrick - I know it seems like you never have a keyboard, but if you find one, please address this.