EvoOrganic Weed-Free Garden Watering Blanket Kit

Now they want to kill our plants, next item up on woot…Plants to replace the ones killed by this blanket. LOL

Ok, so penchants for herb aside - how does it know which plants are weeds, and which want water?

what if it’s the size of a postage stamp?

Don’t know who is going to buy it, but it’s $69 on Amazon


throws away weed be gone

It would be nice to know what size it is woot… looks like a 10’x10’ but don’t take my word for it


I need a solar cell charger for Black Rock City! Cheap!

That is one crazy product.

It’s twice as much at other quality vendors. That that Woot isn’t a quality vendor or anything…

Big enough. ;]

If only I had flower beds that were this big… Oh well… I guess size does matter?

I am SO in for one. This looks fabulous.

HOWEVER, the description does not include the size - how big is it? Length and width would have been great to know.

But I bought it anyway…

That’s what she said.

Where do you put the plants? (Under the “tarp” ?!?)

Any idea of the dimensions of this? Size matters, size matters.

BOOOO… Finally something on the woot-off I want to buy (the wicked little ear-buds)and they sell out just as I am checking out… when I started checking out they were only half gone!

This one is going to take forever to sell out…

Sure would be nice if they’d add the size…
I’d probably get it if I hadn’t put a drip system in 2 months ago…


Is one supposed to punch holes in it, or does it come with openings for the plants? I’d hate to cut through the built-in irrigation system, reducing it to being a tarp.

What. The. Hell?