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How much water does the performance stream mop hold?

On Amazon, the list price for this mop is $100, not $150. http://www.amazon.com/SALAV-STM-402-Professional-1100-watt-Gold/dp/B00MUDY3C6

All the same, it’s $15 less here than Amazon (they have free shipping, but I’m buying other stuff), and my house cleaner likes the look of it, so I’m buying one for her to use.

Fixed. Thanks.

Is the mop pad washable? How durable is it before you’ll need to buy a new one?

You’re looking at the STM-402 model. This is the STM-501. Try this link instead: http://www.amazon.com/SALAV-STM-501-Performance-1100-watt-Gray/dp/B00MUDY362/ref=pd_sim_sbs_hg_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=1VVFAVYBVRQFF8H0WWSC

By the way, Amazon has the List Price at $79.99

LOVE this steam Mop! (Salav Professional STM402) Bought one for me and one for my Mom. It’s a great steam mop that gets floors sparkling clean without leaving a wet floor. The blue steam pads state on the tag to hand wash, but I throw mine in the washer in one of those net zipper bags and have no issues. Just DON’T use fabric softener. Also, if you want more pads, call Salav customer service at 855-725-2887, they will sell you packs of two additional steam pads for $9.99. Very friendly and helpful customer service. This steam mop heats up super fast (45 seconds) and holds approximately 500ml (2 Cups) of water and I steam cleaned my kitchen and bathroom w/one fill up. Love the LED light in front, helps to see in dark corners and under counter toe kick area. Also has a great vibrate feature to let you know it’s hot and ready to steam. I highly recommend this steamer and if anyone has specific questions, please just let me know… I’ll answer anything I can… hope this helps!

Thanks, HonestJoe68 Patrick