Excalibur 3 in 1 Kitchen Master

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New Excalibur 3 in 1 Kitchen Master, for $5.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Excalibur 3 in 1 Kitchen Master

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love the description!
absolutely hilarious!

Spectacular! A three in one device comprised of FOUR devices! Absolutely brilliant!!

Its one device with 3 attachments…

…not for use in the shower.

Should read… Grind spices, grate cheese, or open a bottle of wine at the touch of a button, good for people who are TAILGATERS.

I might have to pick one of these up and add it to my kit.

because its not laziness if its done in a parking lot…

That was worth the read.

Perfect for Wedding gifts, too!
I’m in for 3!!!

I think this would confuse me…

On the other hand: a great gift for friends leaving for college!

anyone find this anywhere else? what’s the battery life like?

35.00 here http://www.handheldhaven.com/servlet/the-6056/3-dsh-in-dsh-1-Kitchen-Master/Detail

I wanted a pepper grinder, saw an electric one for $25. I trust Woot won’t sell garbage, in for one for me and one for my sister and one for good luck.

Woot won’t sell garbage? Ummm… yeah, say it enough times and maybe it’ll be true. Like everything Bush has been selling us. But I’m sure you trust him too.

Looks like the majority of Lazy Handicap people live in WA and OR today…

Well I know one person whos not invited to my wedding.

Damn, thought this was one of those little blenders. Oh well. I could use a Magic Bullet, Woot, but not spending $60 on one.

The batteries is what kills this. It sounds like a good item, but I wonder how long the batteries will last. With 6 AA, it’s a 9 volt device and I’m thinking the 9 volt battery is going to run high on consumption. Plan for rechargables if you buy.

Actually, it is unlikely that the batteries are in series, you don’t need 9 volts to run a motor. Most likely they are (at least some of them) in parallel to get more current and longer life. I suspect six AA’s will last a long time. You don’t run them very long. I had a battery powered pepper grinder that ran on AA’s and I don’t ever remember changing the batteries.

A double A alkaline is good for about 1 to 2 Amp/hour. Assuming they are parallel/series wired to give 4.5 volts at 2 to 4 amp hours and the motor uses 2 Amps (9 Watt motor) that is 1 to 2 hours of continuous cheese grating. How much cheese do you put on your pasta?

would be better if batteries were included