Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator

Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator

That’s a lot of memory!


To help decide on which model you may want; here is what I found:
This 3500B in 5-tray goes for the $110 price on Woot regularly.
The 3900B in 9 tray goes for $130 on Woot (July)
The 3926TW in 9 tray goes for $150 on Woot (August)
The 3926TB in 9 tray goes for $175 on Woot (June) <- Now $169.99 (December) so $5 off.

Difference between 3900B and the 3926TB besides $40 is that the 3900B does not have a timer and the 3926TB has a 26 hour timer. Besides that they are identical across the board.

It has been suggest that the COSORI brand is better for the price.
Metal instead of plastic
Digital controls and timers instead of manual
48 hour timer instead of 26 hour.
Larger temperature range.
Trays are diswasher sized and safe.
Easier to clean, Excalibur plastic requires deep scrubbing.

Downside? 2 year warranty instead of 5. 6 trays instead of 9.



i got this back in SEP and LOVE IT!!! i upgraded from one i found at a yard sale years ago. the timer on this is GREAT!!! the trays are well spaced and OMG there are 9 of them. It has the temp range to do everything from jerky to herbs. this was so worth the money to me for the upgrade!!!

Who wudda thunk a kiwi takes up 6TB of space?

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I am reading the reviews for the Excalibur 3926TB and it looks like it’s a hit or a miss. Lots of people say the product is defective and they have no choice to return it back as it happens with other Amazon purchases. So I’m quite hesitant to buy. Any thoughts, insights?

Thank you

DOOOOOOO IT! Spin the wheel!

stv6669 uses Reference.
It’s super-effective!

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