Excalibur 4GB USB 2.0 Portable Drive

check the comparison site listings for this one on the blog… i think it was worth the research i did… you’ll be proud of me… like the indianapolis colts… i come through with victoriousnes… rain or shine… or something.

*** fugly ***

Really ugly… good night. no woot tonight

this looks unbelievably sketch.

wtf is this excalibur brand… never heard of it

i’m seeing 2 gigs for like 10 bucks, so this isnot bad.

How many libraries of congress will it hold?

any reviews?

drive it a tad to large for my tase. I personally prefer thumb drive, they do not stop a user fron using a close other port, but the price is nice. Isn’t it?

Doh SS did not see
USB Flex connector (retracts and swivels).

I did notice one mentioned it was hdd based and not flash. Anyone know which it is??


4,000 1MB Word Documents

I would get one, but I just boutght one that looks exactly the same at Radio Shack for 40 bucks

thats a ton of data

Finally…a built in flex adapter so I don’t have to buy one on Tuesdays.

Hard Drive, not Flash based.

Where’s the guy with the giant hand making the drive look tiny?

so this thing in pretty bulky, but what are its innards like, is it just a 4gb compact flash inside its fat body? if so could be just pull it apart and use it in a digicam?

I grabbed one. Not bad for 4 gigs.

Is this HP-UX 11.iV2 compatible?

dident they have an 8 gig one in the wwot off for like the same price?