Excalibur 9-Tray Food Dehydrator

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Excalibur 9-Tray Food Dehydrator
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You could use this to make Pickle Jerky… AKA dehydrated pickle slices and then call it “Jerkin’ Gherkin”

It’s this one on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Excalibur-2900ECB-Dehydrator-Adjustable-Temperature/dp/B001NZPP6U/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1531114318&sr=8-3&keywords=excalibur+9-tray+dehydrators. I don’t think this model has the timer, and it’s the lower-watt model. That said, Excaliburs are excellent dehydrators, and there’s a lot you can do with this one!

Features says: “Adjustable thermostat 95 to 155°F, safe to dry meat for jerky” but the image says 165°F.

Which is correct?

Even the included manual says 155f fyi

This is an excellent dehydrator! I highly recommend it.

One thing to note is that the trays do sometimes benefit from rotation during the drying process, particularly if you have loaded the dehydrator up to capacity, but it’s not a big thing; swapping the high and the low trays once is sufficient.

We do make jerky in ours. We don’t leave it at room temperature afterward, we freeze it for the next backpacking trip.

We also dehydrated peony petals! Our daughter was getting married in August, so we dehydrated pink peony petals in the spring so the flower girls would have them to toss in her path at the wedding. Worked great. The petals kept their color and were still fragrant by the wedding.

I have a similar model and I use it often. This brand is as good as they get. This model however is the low end. A timer is a MUST have! You could however use a timer like you would for a lamp by plugging this unit into a timer, plug the timer into the outlet. Excalibur has 20% off sales nearly once a month. I also like to have a clear door, which could be purchased by itself. I would sign up for emails from Excalibur and wait for the model that you want to go on sale. Don’t go any smaller than this 9-tray model. The trays fill up fast.

Is there a timer on this model?

I didn’t see a reference to a timer in the linked manual on the features tab.

My eyes lit up when I saw this! Then I saw that it has no timer. Unless you time it so that it’s done before you go to bed (and it’s never done before you go to bed) - you MUST have a timer. Sadly, I am passing.

No timer

Jeepers, turn it off before you go to bed and turn it back on when you get up—Easy Peasy!

When I sign in with prime and proceed to check out I don’t see anything about free shipping or prime discount? What am I missing?

Hi there. I don’t show that you’ve signed in with Amazon yet. This is different than Pay with Amazon.

Try this:

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That should set you up.

“Jerkin’ Gherkin” seems like an entirely different activity to me.

Pickle Jerkin’

Per the vendor, 165°F is correct. :slight_smile:

If you want a timer, it might be worth it to plug this dehydrator into a cheapo smart socket and drive schedule from your phone.

I was getting all psyched up about Excalibur from old woot offs https://www.woot.com/offers/scarface-wall-clock
but alas, the dehydator-making Excalibur is a different company.