Excalibur BrewMaster



Pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Excalibur BrewMaster BC1012
condition: New
$0.99 + $5 shipping


Nice woot!

Sad thing i have one :frowning:

Paid $20 for mine.

Great if you’re looking to try new beers, and if i recall correctly it does have a feature that helps you pair beer with food, handy for the social drunk who wants to make the best tasting choice on how he gets hammered. :wink:

but seriously, if I didn’t own one, i’d be in for three.


Missed out when it was a 2-fer was luck to grab em’ now. Thank woot!


i bought three… now what is it?


Haven’t seen this on woot for a long time, back in the good old days. It may have been for St. Paddy’s Day.


Its like heaven in a handheld device. I wonder what the Smartpost shipping time to Germany is…


This is so not worth it.

First, I picked one up from 5-below for like 4 bucks. Second, it’s not worth as much as the package it comes in. The screen is tiny, its hard to navigate and just doesn’t have much information.

Sorry Woot, this one sucks.


I have a couple of in-laws who will love these! In for three.


As Homer would say…M m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m…Beer


Not that good of a deal, I found them on ebay for 0.99 with shipping for $3.17-$4.00.


In for three, it’ll make for nice throw-in gifts for some friends.


score! I’m going to be the popular kid giving these as Christmas gifts.


Ok - I got to admit this is a lame woot. But it is in the count down to the holiday stupidity, so I am in for 3. Perfect thing for the secret santa gag gift or as a thanks-for-being-a-schmuck present to the alcoholic ex.


does it have reviews of international beers?


3 baby! Gotta have the Brewmaster…


It covers a limited list of beers, the kind of variety you’ll find in a good-sized liquor store. Being a beer geek, I found it very disappointing.


im taking this bad boy to bevmo!

when it gets here that is…


but… where’s the price?



14.97 from ebay is better than 7.97 from woot? Check your math.