Excalibur Emergency Roadside Kit



Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Excalibur Emergency Roadside Kit
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Excalibur Emergency Road Kit 9012


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But I don’t drive.


where was this last nite when i had a flat?


Good for those that don’t have anything like this. Good, cheap woot for the masses.


cheap as hell in for one


Dang this is just worth the jumper cable from the dollar store @ 8.99 . Thank you woot.




omg what the heck is that monstrosity???!?!


Is this the same Excalibur that made the 4GB USB drives from last month?

Quite diverse, that lot.


My car broke down yesterday in at a toll both and i held up traffic. It was not fun. Thanks for the hurtful reminder. I guess i have no choice but to get it.


awesome price… i just bought 2 :slight_smile:


Not a bad little kit


After being in the auto and towing field for about a decade, I’d be careful with these cheap 10-gauge jumper cables. Even brand new ones are known to have high resistance and not move enough juice to jumpstart a vehicle. Plus they’ll overheat at the terminals if they are poorly crimped.

Good Woot for the rest of the stuff, though. Just make sure to buy real jumpers if you forsee your car and/or parking habits needing them more than a few times a year.


picked up one. i guess i should need this in case.


you’ll all be kicking yourselves in the head next time you have a dead-battery-flat-tire-at-night situation. it happens.


p.s. this thing goes for $25 at amazon.com, $50 at macys.com, cheapest on froogle is $25.


In for 3. Great xmas gifts


Just got one myself. Never know when you might need something like this.



the jumper cables are really cheap on this… certainly good enough for an emergency…

about $5 bucks more than what it should be IMO

buenas noches