Excalibur Food Dehydrator

How come, directly from the manufacturer, the warranty is 10-year but on here it’s a 5-year warranty?

You would have to ask the manufacturer. Page 28 of the linked manual described the warranties.

Not the same brand but the exact same type of dehydrator


They are extremely simple devices with very little that can go wrong.

I have the one linked since 2010.

Why the heck would this cost $179, let alone $300!

No wonder beef jerky costs so much.

I’ve had this same one for at least 12 years. Love it. Works very well.
It has a thermostat which is awesome.

A couple of other alternative uses I’ve found for this dehydrator because of the square tray shape and design…

I’ve removed all but a couple of trays to dry sweaters.

I’ve removed all trays to safely dry out expensive hiking boots at the lowest (105 degree) temp.

I used one of these for a year working at a butcher shop, the even drying you get and the timed shutoff alone are features that make it worthwhile, it has a large capacity and is easy to clean, it does seem like all dehydrators are a rip-off considering how simple they are, but how well it works can vary greatly with design. This passes all air back to front, no secondary fan sucking heat out or anything like that…these are also great for rendering lard or remelting candles and chapstick

I’ve had one of these for years and am very happy with it. It is a bit large. When in use, it does take up a pretty good chunk of my dinner table. It’s not loud though, so when I’m in the next room, I don’t even know it’s on.

One of the reasons I got mine was to make puppy treats. I mix sweet potato and chicken and dry that out and the pups love it.

My ONLY complaint is that you can’t run the fan without some form of heat. And the lowest setting is 105f. So if you want to make something like a portable soup, you really can’t because it will melt.

It all depends on the heating methods. Most dehydrators are really nothing more than low heat ovens. Good dehydrators do a bit more to ensure they don’t bake the food but dehydrate it. This seems to be one of those.

Beef jerky costs so much due to 1. it’s beef. 2. the time it takes. Also consider you end up with about 30% of the same amount of meat that you’d buy in the store due to fat rendering and dehydration. So you can’t look at the price of the package of raw meat in the store and make a 1 to 1 comparison. It’s not 1 to 1. At best it’s a 0.5 to 1 then add the time and labor.

Well keep trying to buy one but it says I can save the 5 dollar shipping fee if I am prime for amazon, log in with prime and it still shows 5 dollar shipping…definitely will not hit place order…seems like they contradict themselves…

portable soup? what’s that?

Try again, worked for me.

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Freeze Dried “soup”? Maybe…

I decided it might be cheaper to make my own FREEZEDRIED foods then buying them. Dehydrating food retains about 50-70% of it’s nutritional value and foods done in a freeze dryer is a totally different process and retains over 90+% of nutritional value and the food will last way longer.

But the cost of a FD is a couple thousand dollars vs something that’s made for making fruit rollups or drying your favorite daisy’s.

going to have to order me one 4.5 stars on amazon with over 1000 reviews and here is a site that does a good comparison against other machines


Basically, it’s like bouillon made from a rich bone broth.

Best way to make it I’ve found:

I would not use one of these for jerky, it has a heating element. I just use metal racks and a fan. Heat is going to change the flavor of your jerky.

Of course this comes up when I am taking my car into the shop. Maybe next time, woot.

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