Excalibur Food Dehydrator

Excalibur Food Dehydrator

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This is a truly awesome dehydrator (and deal)! Highly recommend this one!

I’ve had mine for years and have thought it worth the MSRP that I paid.

A couple suggestions for dehydrating:

Dog owners start doing your own sweet potato chews.

Anyone who hasn’t done it, should cut up a pineapple into chunks and dehydrate, yum! There are only two problems doing it (1) you will never want store bought again and (2) it tends to be like picking berries (one for me, one for bag)

This the best model out there. I’ve also had mine for over 10 years…I love it. Worth ever penny!
I core my pineapple and slice slice it 1/4 thick and dry it that way. It looks like beautiful sunflowers when it dries…looks nice packaged for gifts…if there’s any left to give.
Kiwis also dry excellent and mangoes, and dried tomatoes are awesome as a snack!
I also use it for making yogurt and proofing bread.
Also…use it to fast dry your decorated cookies or make those cinammon applesauce ornaments…anything that needs to be dried…even shoes !!!

I have a cheaper dehydrator, my daughter has this one. I will tell you, this is a wonderful appliance! World of difference. We make beef jerky when I am there sometimes and she uses it for fruit leather with great success.

This is highly recommended!