Excalibur Innovation Water Alarm, 2 Pack

Ugliest frog I’ve ever seen!

Seriously, I’d buy this if it were Leakfrogs (I need a couple more), but I won’t buy these. I have 3 Leakfrogs already, and they’ve already saved me from a water disaster on multiple occasions. I trust the leakfrogs. These, I just don’t know.

I’d like to end up with one leakfrog under each sink, one in the laundry room, one on the floor by the external refrigerator water filter, and one in the utility room with the water heater.

This is a product that needs wifi.
Enough with the frog jokes. Seriously.

I have finally accomplished just this. I also added them to the upstairs AC pan. I feel much safer with the little guys everywhere. These don’t make me feel safe. They look like fire and CO alarms so I’d feel like I was in constant danger of drowning in the leak under my kitchen sink.

@ThunderThighs I’ll buy them if you’ll paint them green with a smiling face :wink: oh and sign the bottom

Where are the legs?

I’ll buy it if it goes “Ribbitt, ribbitt” instead of “beeeeep”.

We want frogs!
We want frogs!

Oh, those are the cutest little frog caskets I ever done seen!

Hmm…will this water alarm alert me to when sandtrout are invading the Fremen water supplies? The predator fish currently used can be a bit of a nuisance.

Not sure what’s the big deal about the frog model, is bigger, takes AAA(which I hate) this takes 9volts and costs 3 times more on The Mother Ship(I’m not going to do exact math with shipping…etc). I would rather buy 3 of these(6 will cover the whole house) instead of 1 frog. Seems like a no brainer here. It’s a functional item it doesn’t need to be “cute”. It hides under a sink or in an AC pan, why pay extra for a frog? How many of you frog supports have smoke alarms that look like animals too?

From some one who has dealt with leaks from sinks and AC piping getting clogged up this is cheap '“insurance” to avoid major damage.

Lastly, some good advise, turn off your water to your house when going on vacation,

In for wifi frogs.

alright, we’ve had hours of side-splitting hilarity, but let’s try to focus on the actual thing we’re selling for a while, plz.

Are these water alarms not for the swimming pool? Like if the water is disturbed by a child, say that fell in and was drowning. That’s when the alarm would sound?

No, these are for water leaks inside your home. The idea is that they alert you of a leak before it’s too late and causes serious damage. Hope that helps!

I got my six alarms. I put the supplied 9 volt battery into the device (the cover tore off from the battery) and within a couple of hours, the low battery warning started chirping.

So I have to go buy 6 new 9 volt batteries because Woot sold me some that were old. Thanks.

That’s probably why they listed the sale as batteries not included.


Battery: 9V 6F22 (not included)

Well, that does play hell with my $10 partial refund for dead batteries.

Oh well, off to email Woot Support and tell them I didn’t read the Specs close enough.