Excalibur JamFest 3-in-1 Music Machine



The perfect gift for Gene from Bob’s Burgers.


Couldn’t find much on this other than the price ranges from 15-30 so this seems like a great deal.


If I were five, I think I would like it. That being said, what a nice uncle I would be if I bought these for my nieces and nephew. My sisters would love me for it.


Same price (pretty much) on amazon once you add the $5 shipping here ($14.99 here vs. $15.12 there). Only advantage here is if you plan to buy other stuff. Then your shipping will be free on stuff after the first item. Not sure what age this will entertain for very long.


And there’s a woot-off going on so plenty of opportunity to take advantage of unlocked free shipping. :happy:


Exactly, lol