Excalibur Tabletop Foosball

It’d be nice if those monkeys at Woot would include a picture of people playing with this thing so we get a better idea of the size!

The dimensions are listed (4 inches thick x 20 inches long x 20.25 inches wide) but I want to see it!

its been a long time since I’ve seen excalibur toys on a woot-off… maybe not long enough

Oh, I had to buy this…never resist toys!

Ooo! When did they get the new woot lights graphics? pretty! Oh, yeah, nice little foosball table. This would be great for my VW Eruovan camper!! Kids would love it!

anyone having trouble “buying” items. I could not complete two woots now. system totally froze up.
Any suggestins other than don’t spend my money

This would be a challenge for four people to play as it’s only 20" long!

WOW! That woulda been cool. Not fast enough, SOLD OUT. curses

I’m not buying because…


(sorry couldn’t resist)