Excalibur Tabletop Foosball

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Excalibur Tabletop Foosball
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Hell yeah. Just what i’ve been wanting.

Eww, I hope there aren’t very many of these. ><

Perfect for when you get the urge to kick balls around on your table!

I like it!

we really are on kids woot!!!

Woot off killer

STOP THE MADNESS WOOT. You’re killing me with this crap!

Pretty cool… Had a pool table one that size…

I’m sorry, I love this. My kid is going to be psyched :smiley:

Play Foosball while sitting on your Fuf chair.

Come on woot! Let poor Derpy eat her muffin too.
Please put up the BO**C…for Derpy?

Maybe it’s just me but things just don’t seem the same since Amazon took over.

This is kinda cool, nothing like being able to have a bit of fun every now and again. I am in for one!

What does this thing do?

lol for some reason i bought one…dunno why…too cool to pass up since it’s a mini table version

Looks to me like a great idea for someone who has some time to kill in a cubicle…

No goalie… not regulation!!!

Next up?