Excalibur Wind Blaster Portable Fan

pun intended

…And no one will take your Kingdom Come cover band seriously unless this sucker will blow a glass of water onto a chick in a t-shirt with no bra!

And Whitesnake wasn’t always a hair band, ya know: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-TaEz4gKNw

Looks like maybe we’re winding down?

Are these COOL?

Its only worth it if you buy 3… if you buy only 1, you are an idiot :confused:

they must have a ton of these to move…

Just think…this summer, when you’re watching you kid prove he’ll never Bend it like Beckham out on the field, and you can’t enjoy the satisfaction of a cool beer because of that time you got in the coaches face after a few too many, you can keep your cool with three of these instead!

You did not just put 4 AA batteries up there. OH NO YOU DIDN’T.

90 day guarentee from Excalibur…but I thought they were out of business

Did you read the reviews it looked bad.

Great after a hurricane and you have no electricity. Even with generator, you can’t run a/c. This may help you at night to sleep.

They are battery powered. How do you connect portable + USB powered. They are AA powered. Read the desc.

unless i’m somehow missing your sarcasm, i have to say you’re completely incorrect here–although woot often does sell USB-powered fans, these are run by batteries. and they’re GREAT.

…re-chargers, no less!


Next…bring out the luggage

Yep, do you know what would make it cooler? Adding an automatic hose reel in the next item, so now you get double the cool.