...except in a real race

http://www.shirtsonsale.info-a.googlepages.com/missedsale_sadrat.gif*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Story of my life. In for one.

heh, kinda funny, but too plain for me.

good phrase, but not a fan of the font.

Apparently NOBODY knows the meaning of ironic.

Grass green weekend, huh? A little too plain, a little too unfunny for me. Here’s hoping that on the long holiday weekend, s.w staffers got lazy and decide to throw the Chomp (Skek’s) up tomorrow.

Like the phrase, but visually it sucks.
Not so fond of the color either.

I’m thinking a bag of shirt.

No offense to skek, but really, we do not need 4 text-only shirts at all, let alone in a row

I guess the tortoise didn’t get the memo…

I love the slogan, I love the color… but the font just isn’t doin’ it for me. Gotta pass.

nobody does.
The question is, is THAT ironic?

Bahaha, good writeup. Anyway, good night.

i love the color! and excellent font choice! the phrase just doesnt do it for me…

as cool as that would be, it’s still frustrating to hit the 4th place rock wall again. erk.

Yes indeed. Plain and to the point. There’s nothing meant to be funny about it.

The font is Giligan, for those who were wondering. It can be had for free right here if you want it.

As for the shirt: It’s not so great. Not a funny phrase, not a good font, and there is no “design with type” aspect whatsoever. I do like the green, though.

I actually like what woot wrote about the font, moreso than the shirt itself. Grats on the print haxrox. Nice to see that OpenOffice can still have decent fonts… somewhat decent… (dude, seriously… thank god it wasn’t NTR)

lolz on a woot mistake :slight_smile:

After allowing it to try, he transfered it to canvas and shipped the final product to a team of thirteen monks that began the process of hand-lettering each shirt.

it should be “dry” not “try” :slight_smile:

Shirt Color: Philip Grass