Executive Poker Set

Plastic or clay chips?

Eh, it doesn’t mention the weight or the material of the chips. Must be pretty poor quality especially for the price.

Even searching for reviews on it don’t come up with much. Be wary!

I never associated poker with sports.

Let the ‘now that’s my kind of sport’ comments begin.

Holy crap, I have that set! At least mine is the exact same wooden case. I got it with tickets from Dave and Busters, lol. I forget how many tickets it cost though. I’m completely ignorant to “real” poker sets though to know if it’s junk or not. Just checked and I’m pretty sure the chips are plastic. Case seems pretty nice though.

Seems kind of pricey for a woot. Assuming these aren’t even clay chips of a certain weight other than “professional”, you can get similar sets cheaper. Unless you think that fancy case is worth the price over the aluminum style most others are.

Only get these if you like the wooden box…the chips are junk…the are slugged ABS plastic 11.5g chips…slippery cheap chips.

Poker must be a sport; they show it on ESPN – just like the National Spelling Bee.

Eh, Cheap Chips for Cheap College Students taking Cheap Classes while drinking Cheap Liquor and eating Cheap, well, Chips.

I like your logic! Drinking Bud Light is a sport. After all, they show those commercials on ESPN! Man, I should get an endorser.

Pretty much the opposite for me. I’d like some team sports related gear.

Are these:

A. Cheap Plastic Chips
B. Nice Plastic Chips
C. Plastic Chips with Coins Inside

I have a set of B and C, and both are nice, but I will admit that the B chips hold up best.

However, this set almost certainly has very cheap chips. And the box only holds 200, so even if you like the looks of the box, you’ll most likely not be happy with the size of the set.

The chip distribution of 50/50/50/50 is a dead giveaway that it’s going to cause problems with anybody trying to make a reasonable stack set. 25/25/75/125 would be far more flexible.

Much better deals on much better sets can be had by searching eBay with a discriminating eye. Or, for that matter, I posted a good deal on deals.woot.com that I found: More than twice as many chips for the same price (500 chips for 35 bucks), and they are clay composite. (That’s still not a super-fancy set, but it’s a far better deal than this.) Chances are that if you contact them, they’ll even let you specify a color distribution.


If you can pass on the wooden box, Target sells a decent 400 chip set for $25. They are weighted with a good feel to them. I play just for fun and I’ve been very happy with them.

Amazon + search “world poker tour chips” = a very nice $45 300 chip set.
I have 2 sets. Nice clay chips & carrying case. Cards were OK but I gave them away.
(or you can follow mrgroggs link.lol)

Only a 200pc set? I would like to see a 500pc or 1000pc.

Terrible deal. Terrible chips. Only suitable for no more than 4 people on a tournament with no rebuys.

Academy sells these weighted clay chips for $30.

500 chips and a case.

I personally prefer their $50 set, they have a bit more heft. I have 2 sets.


I guess My Dad was wrong. When I was a kid I liked to sit on my butt and play games at the table, so I really was into sports after all.

With deals like this, I think I may stop my morning check on Woot. Better sets on Amazon for less.Come on Woot, stop being a greedy jerk face. Remember what made you special…real deals! Lower prices = sell more = more $ for woot.