Executive Poker Set





Are these clay or plastic chips?


poker is not a sport…


Whatdya know, everyone who bought them so far is below the Mason-Dixon line!

But in all seriousness I’m concerned that they don’t mention the weight or material of the chips.


Flying off the shelves I see.


Anyone know if this is a good quality set ? I’m looking to buy it as a gift


looks like they have an infinite amount of these, people are buying them, but it still says 100%


OK, firstly, you apparently know nothing of history or geography; secondly, just what the hell is that supposed to mean?


They are composite chips with an insert.

The color distribution is way off from anything useful.

You might be able to run a satisfactory 5 person game with this, but even then you’ll be grousing about having too many of one color and not enough of another.

There are bigger sets out there with the same chips at the same price. You’re basically paying for a pretty box that won’t hold enough chips to run a real game.

Do yourself a favor and buy a much bigger set with proper color distro for only slightly more money.

The chips themselves are decent. (Not great, but perfectly usable.) It’s just a quantity and color distribution problem.


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Looks like ABS plastic chips


Agreed. Maybe I missed the memo for the “Games” subset of Sport.Woot.


Just Great! Lady Gaga poker face stuck in my head now.


Lighten up. It’s supposed to mean nothing. Also as a history major I do know a thing or two. Jokes do not need to be entirely accurate. Enjoy your woot off!


well it’s woot, so I would assume nothing better than composite, and bet on plastic.


this kind of set is most useful if you make 3 out of the 4 colors of equal value and the 4th color 5 times that value. Example, Red, Blue, and Green would be 10 and the Black chips 50. Or, as we have played on many occasions, everything is worth a dime.


Also, please define what a sport is.


“Sport is all forms of competitive physical activity which, through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and provide entertainment to participants.”


Sounds like poker.


By your definition, fishing is a sport…Correct?