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I have to put in a pretty solid endorsement for the Thunderbell systems. (I’m buying another one.)

I may not have been as quite as hyped in my last review, but it’s been a few more months. I’ve been using the 10 LB for roughly 6 Months now, and I have to say I might be nearing the best shape of my life already and I’m only just about to get off of the first disc of material. (Disclaimer: I run a lot too, and don’t have the greatest of health history in early life.)

Is the guys a little douche at times? Yes. Does he throw you for a loop with the way he counts? Sure. But at least for me the program has been pretty effective when alternated with good Cardio. When I started to alter my diet slightly I saw some bigger effects.

If that didn’t say enough: I’m excited they came out with the new 15 LB version and am getting it this time so when some of the exercises become easier I can switch up. (Plus I figure I might be able to bootleg the 2 thunderbell final level some where too.)

I recommend getting at least the 10 LB version though, unless you really feel you’re a weakling or need to work up to it.

Shouldn’t this be on sport.woot?

It’s our site. We can put it where we want to. :wah:

yeah! What if you just want to enjoy your 7 scoops of whey protein and sit on the couch? It is a fabulous way to gain weight.

This same set is for sale on Amazon for $22.95 and free shipping. Better deal.

Which set?

$90 list price for the upper body exercise bar? You cannot be serious.

It turns out that almost ALL supplements are mystery supplements. The FDA can only act AFTER someone gets hurt or sick and nobody is checking to see what is in them.

I remember the days when Woot was the premier discount site on the web.

Now they’re getting beat out by Choxi and Tanga. Who? Exactly.