Exercising Demons

Simon Says: Demon Edition!

All of their faces resemble each other, kind of awkward. Same father, maybe?

Work it…Work it…Feel the BURN!!

So long as it’s not the same father and sister.

in for one

Oh the irony.

fun design.

the round demon looks like it’s tickling the tall one with it’s tentacle :open_mouth:

They have no idea that they’re about to get a face full of holy water…

Is it just me or are the priest’s feet on backwards?!

I actually laughed out loud. CUTE!

doesn’t the instructor realize that once they’re done, the monsters will mess with him?

Remember to stay hydrated. All of that fire and brimstone makes for one hot workout!

The visual pun is a bit of a groaner, but the illustration looks nice.

…They are from the “south” though ya know?

Great concept, but I’m not to fond of the graphic as it’s presented. I don’t like that the little devil on the right is the only one wearing clothes. It’s kind of random.

I’m pretty sure I’d get kicked out of church if I wore this to mass.

oh… so that’s the real reason the Devil went down to Georgia.

Will someone please think of the children?

channeling monsters inc.

where’s mike and sulley?