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*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

I do not.

What?! Weird again.

Whoa half of a floating guy.

Thanks, woot, for saving me so much money recently that I can do something smart with it, like spend it in Vegas tomorrow.

Yeah… i get that feeling too, t-shirt.

Sometimes I do…well, that’s because I tend to draw faces like mine. :wink:

Ha! I’ve been saving a lot lately too with these offerings.

Grats on your print, Max… gotta give a little love to a Wisconsinite… even if the shirt isn’t my style.

Transferred $15 to PayPal a week ago waiting on a shirt to buy with overnight delivery. Now after 8 shirts that don’t do it for me, I’m thinking of spending it on a previously printed shirt without the overnight.

I lold

So where exactly is the irony?

that’s because most are utterly confused by it… it took them a while to decide if they liked the joke, hated the joke, or even got the joke.

Honestly, I would. There are some good ones there. I recently bought Say No To Scurvy. Love it.

Hey, at least it’ll really confuse the blue/green colorblind people!

Maybe if the floating head wasn’t ugggggly

Actually, would be cool if it was Holly from Red Dwarf…

yeah, I’m just not really feeling it. At all. Or any of the other shirts lately.

…but hey, to each his own.