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I kind of want to buy this ironically…

Dear Woot,
Oh how I once loved the shirts, with your humor and cheap prices, I feel in love…however…now I think it is time to go our separate ways. I know this may hurt at first, but be strong, I am sure you can find new customers with horrible taste to take my place.

But really…woot does have to sell shirts to make money right!!! Change something guys, start taking the top 10 into consideration, or just allow everyone to send in designs, I really am not that picky just damn these have been horrible for nearly 2 weeks. Outside of the derby shirts.

beautiful design! it really speaks to me (ha ha, pun intended) and i love the color juxtaposition and placement.

oops, it’s not april 1, is it? sorry, my bad.

Great Design, love it!

(Hmmm, my previous comment was deleted because I didn’t comment about this woot and instead just begged woot for Rand0m shirts and that I would get 3. I’ve said some CRAZY stuff before and it stayed up there, ah well, read this while you can! muahaha…)

i like the joke, but i wouldnt see myself wearing it…

wow…very disappointing…i get the joke, not that funny. not funny enough to wear or have people ask about. yikes.

I’d say a poor one.

it’s a way for people to find the reckoning list of shirts via ShirtsOnSale.com they run a small contest monthly to get the most ‘first’ posts of the notation and they hand out gift cards and whatnot. There’s a thread in the World of Woot Shirts section of the forums

I hate these joke shirts, and it feels like for the last 2 weeks, it’s all there is.

at least it’s not asphalt. yes, i always view the glass as half full.

firstly, not a fan of this shirt, just don’t think its worth the cotton its printed on.

secondly, i found out if you type <expletive deleted>.woot.com without the funky characters obviously, it redirects to shirt.woot.com, and coincidentally would be correct in tonights case.


This shirt is not nearly as clever as some of the recent derby shirts…
actually dearest woot you have been lack luster and underwhelming of late. sob

I would love to part with $10, but for something witty, charming or cute. Today’s shirt does not fit the bill.

That’s why I bought the Woot earwarmers. They are charming and cute at the same price.

the bird shirt/sound shirt were the only ones lately i found tasteful. is this a greeting card turned t-shirt? who is deciding how these get here ;(

no…i don’t

10 dollars saved

I bought those too tonight… I want the pro’s to come… I’ve had the regular ones… I just want an upgrade.

Honestly what do you find appealing about this shirt? I don’t mean to show any disrespect to the artist, but seriously I don’t even know what to say. It’s an ugly color, with a silly floating head, and a stupid word bubble. This shirt is easily one of the worst that’s been on lately.

I’m actually a fan of this kind of stylized cartoony art. Also, I find the shirt to be hilarious. Most importantly, the image is well sized. I find shirts with huge images on them to be tacky most of the time. They tend to remind me of those ugly sweaters with a huge eagle or wolf’s head imposed over some mountain. Shirts with designs or pictures dominating most of the space are just plain ugly in my eyes. I’m a sucker for simplicity.

I’ve got 50$ burning a hole in my pocket…and just a bunch of lame woots to look at. the past derby had many great designs, the current pets has even better ones…but instead of going for winners ya’ll are giving us crap…

Al Gore?!?