EXP Insulated Pants and Bibs

Any info available on sizes?

Looks like the Men’s pants are on Amazon as well, which has sizing info: http://www.amazon.com/EX301M-Bobby-Mens-Cargo-Gargo/dp/B00EO4YDD8

I am wondering if those are just standard sizes for clothing on Amazon. If you check other makers of these types of outdoor clothing, they show much different size charts.

I am interested in finding a size chart as well. Thanks!

Is this an accurate chart? Never understood why they give a shirt chart for pants fitment…yes, waist sizes come into play when buying shirts, as well, to an extent…

yeah, I’d like to buy a pair but won’t until I know I’ve got an accurate size chart.

This is just a generic Amazon chart:

We do not have specific size information for this item, but please see our general size chart below for reference.

Hey there! I talked with the buyer on this item and we were not provided a sizing chart for these guys, unfortunately. The very lovely Sport.Woot merchandiser did offer this recommendation: “The one saving grace is that these are fully adjustable, with Velcro waistbands and (on the bibs) adjustable suspenders. I would advise they buy the size they normally purchase in other clothing.”

Any info on the inseam. Too short of snow pants on a winter day is not good.

Does the company not have a website? What is the waterproof and breath ability rating?

Honestly, I want a better size chart than a generic Amazon referenced one. If i can get better measurements, I might buy a couple pair. Snow pants can be tricky…

Also, no kids sizes available? Those I would absolutely get (with size info again).

Guide, but still doesn’t list inseam… can’t pull the trigger without inseam since I don’t want cold ankles!


I agree. I would love to pick up a pair, but I need a 36" inseam, and I can’t take the chance on these without more info.

The buyer was able to get some size measurements that are now uploaded into each of the sales, unfortunately they were not able to send us inseams, and we don’t have any samples to measure.

From looking at other versions of these type of pants, it appears the standard/regular inseam runs about 32/32.5 inches.

Tall inseams run about 34 inches which is what I need and I would have to assume these are all regular inseams.

Take a look at this site – they have a sizing chart on the bottom, right.


Note: You do NOT have to click on the size chart tab (it prompts for registration).
Everything should be contained in the “Product Info” tab.

Would these be good enough for backup ski pants when under-layered appropriately?

When you wait too long wrangling over these items, they will be sold out in sizes you need.

very upset I was on last night with a purchase & these were not there how do they sell out so fast??

by the way for those looking to size on a chart for Amazon I have several types of pants from several makers & they are all fit just like a regular pair of pants or jeans. So if you live in a 34 inch jean/pant then order the same 34 inch this goes for LL Bean to Wrangler & so on the sizing is normal. I have been wearing lined pants for over 12 years
One final note flannel is lighter less warmth and Fleece is heavier & warmer to wear, I have both for colder days I wear the fleece :slight_smile: