EXP Insulated Pants and Bibs

Does anyone have any info about these pants or experience with this brand? The price seems too good for insulated pants. I really really need a pair. I want a pair that doesn’t have a flimsy outer shell. I work outdoors with dogs and they jump on me…can’t have them tearing thru them. Hoping to find out before they sell out. Can’t seem to find any reviews on this brand at all.

Yeah, looks like there is only one listing on overstock for another model from this brand. Other than that I cannot seem to find any other useful info on these.

I can’t find anything either. I’m wondering if these are to be worn over pants, like jeans or by themselves. They look good, but pictures can be deceiving.

Found a couple of sites with somewhat useful info. Look at:
http://www.the-house.com/ep4bbci02bk13zz-exposure-project-snowboard-pants.html; also: http://www.leftlanesports.com/Event.aspx?l=00011125152700000000&et=lls

If a company can’t even be bothered to include the inseam of the pants on their sizing chart, I can’t imagine what else they would have cut corners on…

These are basically going to be cheap snowpants. The description says 100% nylon waterproof pants, (not 100% waterproof). They are basically just nylon with a waterproof coating sprayed on, which will wear out with use. It’s not a technical fabric like gore-tex or any of the other similar fabrics that are by nature designed to be waterproof and breathable, (yet also use a waterproofing coating for extra protection). The seams aren’t taped, so water will likely leak in through the zippers and seams if they get wet enough.

If you’re just looking for a cheap snow-day kickaround pair of snowpants, these should be great. If you are looking for a decent quality pair of waterproof pants for more intense outdoor activities, I’d look elsewhere. But for $19.99, I’d think that this is assumed to begin with.

I agree, an inseam size would be helpful. Given that these are insulated, I’m thinking I would need the 3XL (Yes, I’m fat), but Woot apparently declined to sell that size. I’ll have to pass.

Hi all! See on ebay, inseam size for XL : ~ 35" or 88cm.

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