Expensive Watches!

Wow,an Oris! You never see those on sale, and that’s not a bad price for the complication. Wish I could afford it.

Edit: Did a little research, and yes, that is the 35mm model. It would be a little small for most guy’s wrists. Unless you like small watches. Probably look better on a woman who likes slightly larger watches.

To paraphrase Andrew “Nard Dog” Bernard, wake me when the Breguets show up.

(no, but really, some of these are quite pretty watches.)



The Ferrari 07ACCCMSL Scuderia, Silver is listed as having a rubber band but the picture shows it as stainless steel. Which one is it?

why are these watches like breitling and maurice lacroix still so expensive? Shouldn’t they be 99.9% off like all the Invictas that shows up here constantly?

Wow, expensive is right… and a few are sold out (even if it’s one of each) Wow again, anyone want to get me a xmas gift, I could trade it for a car…

A few of these can be found for even cheaper online.

IE, the Lacroix skeleton for substantially less: http://www.worldofwatches.com/detail.asp?bo_products_variance_id=144908

cheaper on amazon - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006HIRTO4