Experience An Exercism

Plenty of bikes up - which one’s the best?

The one that gets used. Alas, none of these are recumbent. Darn. Heck.

The real question is can you play Skyrim on the TV screen?

Since getting my inversion table, hanging out with my bat friends has become more enjoyable.

Pro Cycle Trainer is $300 on amazon, but no feedback yet… what to do!

Don’t get it if you actually intend to use it. You can break one of these in 30 days if you use then 6 hours a week. Go to a sears, find their equivalent, ride it, if it wobbles and feels broken, it got this way from random user testing, IE probably less than 1 hour of use a week over months, and broken.

If you intend to use these casually, keep them on low settings, and never challenge yourself, then they are great, and you should buy 2 of them :wink:

these bikes are quite pricey. I was wondering if I can do double duty with these. By putting some wheels on the back, maybe I can take these out and ride them as regular bikes too so I can get to places.

The pro gaming bike with the screen is $50 cheaper on Amazon with free shipping. Way to go woot.

Last time I bought one of these bikes, I couldn’t even ride it down the road to the gas station to get another six pack. I think they are flawed.

I keep maintaining that this is the future of both gaming and exercise; mmorpgs that require real-world exertion for in-world travel. Imagine a future where the biggest nerds are also the buffest jocks!

The Cory Everson has a 200# weight limit, fyi.

I would play it.

Inversion Table is cheaper here… No Tax, Free Ship

The inversion table is a must for anyone with a bad back. When you get off of work hop in it for a few minutes to take the pressure off your legs and back. However, these things do not fold up well, just look at the handles and how they stick out, and as for it being an ab machine… no… the Teeter hang ups are way better but this one isn’t that bad of a price either.

My Easy Cycle trainer just showed up… damaged. The plastic housing around the adjuster knob is pretty smashed up.

Who do I contact about getting a replacement part or sending it back?

email us! service@woot.com!

sorry for the inconvenience. that stinks. :c