Experimental Mine Set

At night will this repel monsters? How about during the day or at flea markets?

… I don’t… understand … this… shirt.

The first 20 seconds: “Huh, that kinda reminds me of a Minecraft shirt. Wha?! It is a Minecraft shirt!”

Hooray for pixellated video game text shirts!

I saw the icon of the tee and thought “Gee, this would be awesome for MJ (Geekfactor12)…”

Then I saw the artist and I facepalmed.

Congrats, MJ! XD

I get it. Minecraft.

Hell Yeah!

First shirt I didn’t have to think about in a long time. In for one. Because Minecraft is just that awesome.

Minecraft? Where are all the little flags and numbers?

Wait a minute…wrong game.


If you don’t know what Minecraft is…

…I’m not posting any links to help you. Save yourself. It’s so easy to become addicted.

I’m afraid if this were mine someone might create an idea & explore the possibility of punching me.

That text appears a little pixellated geekfactor. Time to adjust your monitor . What…it’s cutting edge graphics from the latest state of the art computer game?

Wear this shirt: and enjoy the confused stares of those around you who have no idea what it references.

<3 me some Minecraft. I have the wife and the whole office playing too.

If only we could figure out who keeps blowing the front of my wife’s house up and leaving all her doors open at night…


At first glance, I thought this was a “M.U.L.E.” shirt.

(Yet another reference nobody will get.

I believe the shark of Minecraft has jumped.

But, where’s the redstone?!?!

What a coincidence! Yesterday’s xkcd was about Minecraft. Or well, a guy playing Minecraft.