Explanation of 6 colors?

I just had a quick question regarding derby submissions. It’s probably pretty obvious, but I’m having trouble figuring it out. Can someone explain to me exactly what is meant by a six-color design? I see shirts that seem to be using different shades of the same color–for example, a deep purple, medium tone purple, and light purple. How is this done in order for it to still count as a single color? My first thought was transparencies layered on top of each other, but the guidelines say no transparencies…so are they different shades in the same color family that still count as a single color…or what? I’m so confused on this aspect of designing.

If anyone can give me a “6 colors for dummies” explanation, that would be fantastic. :slight_smile:

Not an Artist, So i can’t help with actual question. But you’ll get more and better response if you post your question here,


or World of Woot Forum in general. Many artists don’t visit this side of the forum. Good Luck!

i don’t know if you found an answer elsewhere, but the short answer is “halftones.” for an explanation, try wikipedia’s article on halftones. in short, if you use a pattern of dots or lines of colour (instead of a solid area of colour) it will look from a distance like a semitransparent layer of colour. if you use computer software for designing, woot has recommended something like 30-35 lpi or coarser for decent printing on their shirts.