Explore, Enjoy, Protect

Wait, an extra Sierra Club shirt? Interesting.

Also, I always thought my shirts were organic cotton! I will boycott any new shirts that are anything but organic cotton.

I’m glad to see that the digletts were not left out.


Does the shirt being organic mean that we can eat it if need be?

Oh my gosh, I just realized it was Earth Day TODAY! I thought it was this weekend. Silly me.

Congrats MJ, looks great! Got one for my little 'un.

You show a windmill, and yet claim miniature golf isn’t truly an environmentalist sport. Make up your mind, people!

I know that cotton is grown in dry climates and requires a lot of irrigation. What goes into organic cotton? Is it just non-GMO non-pesticide, or does it also have to do with sustainable water use?

a dutch windmill and a clapboard…truly something for everybody

As opposed to inorganic cotton

I’m still upset that this is the first Earth Day we’ll be celebrating without Pluto.


Oh lookie!!! An MJ!

one love.

Dear woot: please help save the earth by combining this order and shipping it with the other earth-hugging shirt I ordered yesterday!

There are binoculars on this shirt. I assume that’s in celebration of the NFL Draft today, as people sometimes bring binoculars to NFL games. Happy NFL Draft Round 1 Day!

Ahh finally a shirt to rub in those dang Martian’s faces!

One day while on top of a mountain a whale was writing to his best friend who was an owl who at the time was sailing on a boat going to find a tree that the owl’s best friend lived in. His best friend was a squirrel who was getting ready to go snow trekking with snow shoes and take some pictures of acorns but was blown away by the gigantic windmills up the path with a sunset. Suddenly a bird carrying a leaf popped out of nowhere over some mountains and told the squirrel he found an apple next to a pine tree with a map. Unfortunately they had to ski there with a fish while riding a bike but then ran into a cactus while looking through binoculars at someone who was making a movie about flowers, shoes, and deer. All to save the world.

Yes, I just made a story with all the pictures on the shirt.

What an adorable shirt for Earth Day! The environmental science major in me is happy.

Time for a nap. I’m searching for a pattern in the puzzle or a puzzle in the pattern. Any clue what the croquet hoop things are three over and four down?