Expression 44° Pinot Noir (2)



Expression 44° 2006 Pinot Noir Willakia Vineyard 2-Pack
$47.99 (Normally $99.36) 52% off List Price
2006 Expression 44 Pinot Noir, Eola-Amity Hills, Willakia Vineyard
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Drink this wine…express yourself…pass out…regret it the next day…repeat


Interesting. Woot had the 2007 up early September and now the 2006…? Would liked to have pulled a cork, but alas, I’ve been taking lessons from Sparky. Anyone tried the '07 yet? This must be ready to drink now.
[edit] Make that the 2007 Roserock


The 2007 Roserock was excellent; one of my favorite wines ever purchased from Woot. I’m in for two of these, based on my experience with the Roserock.


Interested to hear more. I’ve got two bottles of the 2007 from the last woot-off, but I havent opened one yet. Maybe after work tomorrow…


The Expression 44 2007 Roserock Vineyard is so far my favourite American Pinot Noir, bar none. The Roserock 07 is amazing (see my cellartracker comments), having bought it the first time it wooted with the (almost as good) Zena Crown 07.
It’s a pity I was on the Playa for the last woot in Sept!

Any comparative reviews of this to the Roserock?


Comment on the style?


Website shows retail of $48 per bottle before tax and shipping with only 9 cases left. GREAT DEAL!


In. We have been wanting to put more effort into having some northwest pinot around, because we admittedly just don’t have as much knowledge of the area as we should. looking forward to it!


This is almost certainly going to be my first purchase in awhile. But would love to hear from someone who has maybe had this bottle. Or the winery will chime in, maybe.
And for you point chasers out there, it looks like this also received 90 from WA and 89 from WE.
Sounds like quality juice.


Was ready to buy; but no Maryland. Money stays in the bank…


I had this at the last offering and liked it very much. If I recall correctly it was very typical of Oregon Pinot - tart cherries with some earth, mushrooms and tobacco. It will be interesting to see how it might have changed over the last two years. In for one.


No AZ. :frowning:


I could use some Pinot… But I’m wine tasting tomorrow… SWMBO told me no more wine… Positive comments from Richard… I can be swayed.


Ugh :frowning: so disappointed by all these $25+/bottle “deals”


Nice reviews fwiw: 91 Spectator, 90 Wine Advocate, 90 Burghound.

Sounds like this in a pretty good drinking spot …

Reviews are on the winery website, and if you scroll down to the bottom Burghound also reviews the Roserock.


I’m disappointed that I missed yesterday’s offer. I just sent an email to Rack & Riddle asking if the shipping listed on their site is correct (it excludes Texas.)

As for the $25+ wine deals, it does not bother me. It helps me moderate my purchases and I focus more on quality and features I like. I find I don’t end up with too much of a “ok” wine just because it was too good of a deal to pass up.


No Wi…Was pretty excited about this one


Not to lead you into a divorce.
But if your buying ill take 1 off your hands.