Expression 44° Roserock Pinot Noir (2)

Expression 44° 2007 Roserock Pinot Noir 2-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $130.00) 54% off List Price
2007 Expression 44° Pinot Noir, Roserock Vineyard
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Previous offer:

This just might pry my wallet open. I think I’ll sleep on it though - anyone have any impressions, from when this was offered previously?

Says a lot to me that a couple hours in, Oregon is a pretty dark color on the map. In for the max.

Got a case last time… this price is better… grrr. A friend of mine at Kanzler claims Roserock vineyard really is farmed with care. The bottles from the last order arrived just shy of two weeks ago, too soon to open and figure out if it’s worth getting more.

I was in on the earlier offering in 2010. My vague memory is I liked the “white label” better than the “black label,” even though I know the “black” was higher rated (and priced). Also, remember this is an 07 and the other was an 08…wasn’t 08 a banner year for Oregon pinots?

All of that said, I did enjoy these, overall. I’m just not sure about an 07 version of my least favorite vineyard at these prices…so I’m not in.

Yep, this is $5 less than the recent plus deal. I think this is just the excuse I need to buy so I can get free shipping on some pricey Cabs and the Foppiano library PS vertical!

Yes - I paid more for it. Come on Woot.

It did arrive the other day but have not had the opportunity to open one yet.

If I hadn’t bought it earlier, I’d be in on another trifecta with the woot plus deals.

Well - then again maybe I wouldn’t if those deals are going to come back cheaper in the future. I need coffee.

I think I’m going to be pried off the sidelines by this offer.
Question for the winemaker if they join us: Is this 100% pinot?
Also, at the risk of asking an open-ended question, I know that 2007 is considered a difficult vintage for a lot of winemakers, but you all appear to have made a product that people are really enjoying–did you all take an approach that your colleagues perhaps did not?

This is shaping up to be an expensive weekend, with this, the W+ deals and Invino.

Still hoping for comments from those that purchased this in 2010. Great funny thread on that one, hope Kevin joins us again, and where’s Richard…

I am debating whether or not to open one of these. It was delivered 11 days ago on the 22nd. How much of a disadvantage will this have compared to a non-shocked bottle? We normally wait at least 6-8 weeks, especially with older vintages. We opened some old '80s Cali Cab over the holidays and all 3 bottles were amazingly better(drinkable compared to undrinkable) in late December than late November.

I would hold off. As much as it would be nice to hear a recent reviewer from a trusted source, I would hate for you to have such an expensive bottle of wine go to waste (or at least below potential). I typically let my pinots sit longer than other varietals. Although I believe this is filtered, I wouldn’t risk it.

Thanks for the input. Exactly how I’m leaning on this one.

From the specs tab:

-Varietal Content: 100% Pinot Noir
-Appellation: Eola – Amity Hills
-Vineyard: Roserock Vineyard
-Cases Produced: 475
-Roserock® is LIVE and Salmon Safe Certified
-Alcohol: 13.5%

Okay. First, I am no wine expert at all so don’t expect any fancy assessment. I just enjoy wine. I know what I like and what I don’t. I prefer cabs but have developed a taste for pinots.

I too bought the recent Woot of this wine. In spite of bottle shock, I decided to open it. It definitely needs to set for a few more weeks. I usually give 6 weeks. Fortunately, I have way too much wine on hand right now so I could afford the risk.

In spite of only being delivered about 2 weeks ago, it opened up nicely after about an hour. Again, it needs to set for another 4 weeks or so. Enjoying the first glass before dinner. It is reasonably smooth at first and a bit tanic after but not in a bad way.

Family in town but I will post more if I can. Bottom line, pretty sure at this price I will be in for at least one if not two. Depending on how it develops, perhaps 3.

Good wine for this price. I too think I slightly preferred the white label. It was $10 to $15 less in the last offer as I recall. This is still worth the money.

C donatello off cindy for 24 per makes this a no go though i AM tempted!

Looked to good to pass up. Love most everything we have tried from Oregon and these will rest nicely in the basement…for now.

[ Patience is a virtue, Savannah. To tolerate delay.
It implies self-control and forbearance, as opposed to wanting what
we want when we want it. Something to think about.]