Expression 44° Pinot Noir - 2 Pack

Expression 44° Pinot Noir - 2 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 Expression 44° 2007 Pinot Noir

CT Link above for the Roserock wine I don’t know if this is correct for this offering.

siwbm is totally failing to live up to his/her moniker this week.

This stuff slayed me… in in in

This guy has been on a rampage!

Expression 44° Pinot Noir - 2 Pack
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Edit: For some reason typing the word “rampage” reminded me of the 1980s video game. Sweet.

Hmmm… label looks similar to 90+ Cellars:

So, is this one or two bottles?

Two bottles, both Pinot, however different vineyard grapes I believe.

Somebody will certainly ask, so I’ll go first - is it a single bottle or a two-pack? Headline says a two-pack, but description says single bottle. WD?

Really? Because there is a cross? Because they both have numbers? I think its a bit of a stretch to say they look similar.

Title says 2 pack, but product description says 1.

The title says “2 pack” so I’m guessing two…That’s why wooters like you and me have zero quality posts…

I don’t know about that. The pic may be from another offering. The description usually specifies if there are two different wines. The pic shows two, description only lists one of them.

This Roserock is $45+ per bottle retail. I thought their Pinot blew away quite a few of my other personal faves - not just from w.w.

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This had the following bottles:

At this price, it’s surely two - $50 for one bottle is over winery price.

I’m in for two. I just drank a bottle of this with dinner tonight, actually, and was sad that it brought me down to one bottle. It’s a wonderful Oregon Pinot - classic mild spice, soft fruit, an earthy/mineral feeling. I highly recommend it.

And it’s gone. Pity.

Where did it go?

WOW, only 20 available. I snuck in one right before the sellout :slight_smile:

Bought based on your positive reviews.
I’m picky when it comes to pinot. Looking forward to sampling!

To bad I didn’t get in on this yesterday. This wine is really good. I have had this wine a number of times and always enjoyed it.

wow… endorsement from the man!
looks like i’m adding this vineyard to my auto buy…