Expression 44° Pinot Noir - 2 Pack

Expression 44° Pinot Noir - 2 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
1 Expression 44° 2007 Zena Crown Vineyard Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills
1 Expression 44° 2007 Roserock Vineyard Pinot Noir Eola - Amity Hills
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Previous offer:

The real thing or another mistake post?

I actually still haven’t gotten around to popping any of the Expressions I picked up from the original offer (two sets worth), so I can neither confirm nor deny that they are as awesome as everyone claims they are.

If you like Pinot Noir: DO NOT HESITATE ON THIS

At least it’s wine.

oh no, i missed the olives

In for 3 and you JUST beat me for 1st sucker…well done!

What the heck is WINE doing on olive.woot?

Ordered last time only to find out it was a mistake. Hope it’s for real this time!

Quite expensive for Pinot. Just saying…

Website ( lists as $32 and $48 respectively.

I bought the 2 pack back in October (Roserock and Willakia vineyards) and just drank them over Thanksgiving - boy was I mad I only bought 1!!!

In for 3!

CT Link!

Something was missing, so here it is!

there goes my Dec. birthday coupon.

What was the mistake?

apparently i broke the woot bot

fyi - this juice is $48/bottle from the winemaker

not true, $32 is for the white label non-designated vineyard

the last time it was determined that one of the offer was posted incorrectly. doubt that will happen again. but $ was refunded and we got a free shipping coupon code out of the error. hilariously/ironically the code was “NOPINOT”!

Woot-off you finally got me. +1

$48 for one and $32 for the other, so basically getting the less expensive bottle for free. I love a good deal and Pinot is my absolute favorite wine as it pairs so nicely with almost anything (or nothing).

Woot Bot breaker…damn thee :O)

I love Pinot Noir so THANK YOU for your comment. I can’t wait to try!