Expression 44° Pinot Noir Willamette Valley, OR - 2 Pack

Expression 44° Pinot Noir Willamette Valley, OR - 2 Pack
$69.99 + $7.00 shipping
1 2009 Expression 44° Pinot Noir, Eola-Amity Hills
1 2009 Expression 44° Pinot Noir Roserock Vineyards Eola–Amity Hills AVA
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How does this compare to the 2008? I bought the '08 (previous Woot) and really enjoyed it - probably the best reasonably priced Pinot Noir I’ve had.

Very nice offering!

These seem quite young, what’s the drinking window on these?

With all the wine I’ve bought from wine.woot, I ought to know the answer to this question but I don’t.

Anyone know definitively if Wine.Woot will hold summer purchases for October 1 shipping?

It is hot as Hades here in DC this summer. (No wonder there’s such crazy behavior in the news.)

I call this the wine plank… I still don’t get the whole planking thing.

Exact same offer as not quite two months ago? I’m surprised!

Yeah you been around long enough to know they don’t do that. That’s why there is summer shipping.

I have not tried this current vintage, but having tried the 2008 late last year, I was very, very impressed. I’m an Old World guy personally, and very rarely do I find myself looking at domestic wines as things I’m interested in buying or even cellaring. These wines for me capture a balance and finesse that you don’t see in the Parker-ized era of winemaking. The pendulum is swinging back to balance and I’m glad to see such a wine being offered here.

The 2008’s had a fine grain tannin that you don’t see in a lot of wine and is usually a sign of superiority in winemaking. They were not wines for everyone, especially not if you like the Parker style of extended maceration and very ripe mid-palate fruit.

I’d just like to point out that it’s an Oregon wine and the most sales thus far have been to people in Oregon. That tells me a LOT about the price, if I wasn’t stocked up on Pinots I’d be in for three…

Seems kinda pricey for 2 relatively young wines. $77 (price + shipping) could get one wasted better than these ones, fo 'sho!

To borrow a phrase from Bill Clinton, "That depends on how you define ‘better’.

‘Cheaper’- certainly. ‘Better’- maybe not. After buying my first Expression Wines on Woot, I joined their wine club. This is really good stuff, and would be an auto-buy for me, were I not waiting for the hot weather to let up so my shipment of the same wines can be sent.

I rarely post on this site but I must go on record as saying these Expression offerings are KILLING ME! My wife loves these wines so whenever they come up, i’m in for 3 before I can even blink.

Thanks, I guess.

Price is just OK. Wine Searcher shows the pair is available for $69.28 + shipping which will vary but is about $20. So you do save $13 on shipping but then you can order anytime (not just next 24 hours). Some savings but not the normal Woot discount.

How do these compare to Roessler Pinot’s? Same quality?

It appears to me that that bottle is at 90 degrees, not the reported 44. A little more accuracy in your product photos would be appreciated woot! :slight_smile:

I’d put these equal to or a little superior to Roessler. I very much enjoyed both. I actually liked the black label 44 a bit more than the white label, but I may have consumed the white label too soon (I recall it being the pricier of the two wines).

That said, I’m only working on my last woot purchases from both wineries, so not this year.

So, if anybody can compare the 2008 and 2009, that would be great. If not these bottle specifically, than how were the growing seasons for Willamette during those two years and what kind of quality should one expect?


hello everyone! This is my first post to the wine.woot board. I bought the last offering, which I believe was the exact same offering. I had the opportunity to enjoy the black label bottle a few weeks ago. It was a very good pinot in my opinion. I enjoyed the bottle enough to know that this would be an auto-buy for me if it came up again and here we are. Sorry, not as good as a lab rat description but I would suggest this bottle to any of my friends…

Perhaps a wine maker, or someone in the industry can answer this question. If you read the boards here on wine.woot, it becomes apparent that “those in the know” know to not drink certain wines too young. Since most people don’t read wine forums, wine makers attempt to make styles that aren’t meant to age, or be drunk upon release.

Because they don’t expect people to properly hold or cellar wines, if they try for a style that requires 5+ yrs of barrel/bottle from vintage, then they tend to sit on these bottle. Obviously, at a cost.

Due to the economy, I see more and more wines being released “young.” I doubt these wine maker’s have altered their styles, so I think it has to do with cashflow now vs later. That said, how much more expensive is it to properly warehouse and cellar wines? Shouldn’t an '09 be held on to for a few years before release?

I guess, what I am ultimately getting at is this. If I purchase these for roughly 40 a bottle, but need to have proper storage for a few years, how much “cheaper” is this really going to be from retail by the time it is ready to drink. Without getting into time value of money, obsolescence, etc. It just seems like the consumer is being asked a lot of storage and patience for wines at a “discount”. I am just curious how much that discount actually amounts to versus a ready-to-drink wine that you didn’t purchase as, basically, a future.