Expression 44° Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon - 2 Pack

Expression 44° Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon - 2 Pack
$69.99 + $7.00 shipping
1 2009 Expression 44° Pinot Noir, Eola-Amity Hills
1 2009 Expression 44° Pinot Noir Roserock Vineyards Eola–Amity Hills AVA
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Willamette Pinots are the best anywhere in the world.

I’d say in for 1, but since I live in the Northwest, I can just go get it on my own.

Looks like this will probably need to be cellared for a a bit, well unless you’re into fresh wine. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the drinking window on these?


In addition to previous offers noted by Cesare:

10/21/2010 (2-pack 2007 Eola – Amity Hills)

2009 was a hot summer for Oregon and a large crop generally.

In for one…Expression produces quality Pinot Noir year after year.

What are the characteristics of this '09 vintage versus the '07 previously listed back in December? What will we see as being the distinct differences?

And, while asked in general, what is the aging potential of this one versus the '07? I know the '07 has a head start but relatively speaking, do they offer the same drinking windows?

This is good wine, but is the 09 as good as the apparently amazing 08? It’s priced as if it is… The 07 was apparently a “difficult” year for Oregon, and so was cheaper, but for me I suspect that means leaner wines which you might have to keep longer.

OK, also so be very carefully aware about what wine you’re getting here. The first woots were for both for Single-vineyard wines, $50 for the 06/07 Roserock and Willakia the first time, and $50 for the 07s Roserock and Zena Crown the second time.

Then last time it was $70 for the 08s, but only one was single vineyard, the Zena Crown.
This time also only one of the wines is single-vineyard, the 09 Roserock.

The blended Eola-Amity Hills retails for substantially less than the single-vineyard wines, which should be better, given the pricing.

So, work out if it’s worth it QPR wise.!

No idea about 2009, but extra yield does not always mean extra quality. 2007 was a good but somewhat irregular vintage. I’ve heard 2008 was over more steady and overall higher quality. But vintage ratings are always a generalization. There are always ‘sleeper’ wines and exceptions to the rule. Can the winery comment as 2009 pertains to their operation?

Respectfully, I disagree

Nice that you feel the regional love but I think that you’d find many who think that your neighbor to the south makes pinots which could go to battle against Willamette product.

Regardless, I believe that most oenophiles would submit Burgundy as the “best” PN in the world.

Definitely one of the better pinots that I’ve had from woot. SIWBM kills it for me.

Wish they had a mixed pack instead of both 44s - that would have made me bite - would love to compare the 39s vs the 44s

Let me first say I haven’t tasted this varietal. However the last Willamette Pinot Noir from wood was very disappointing. Average to below average Pinot. I’ll wait for any lab reports or just take a pass. Burned once…

I agree that Burgundy puts out the best PN in the world but think OR PNs are, hands down, better than CA. Certainly a different style.

I had the 39 and 44 from a previous order. Both were excellent and typical of OR - tart cherry fruit with earthiness. I liked the 44 better. Unfortunately I can’t afford this right now, otherwise I’d be in for two.

I’d jump on this for sure if I hadn’t just come back from a week in Oregon a few days ago! Sampled countless wines while there, brought 3 bottles in my suitcase and have 2 shipments coming as well. Many good pinots in Oregon - noir, blanc, gris…mmmm

Translated into English: “That’s complete Bollocks!”

I hear OR is good too: but do tell us why is it better than a good classic Carneros or other PN?
-I’d love to hear your analysis of the difference on flavours, style, size and longevity.
-Even better, what are the growing conditions that lead to this, and
-which post-harvest winemaking techniques do they use to greater benefit as a result?
-Also what is it about the OR ones you like better?

Since you like Burgundy, rather than I presume overblown US Cab-style PNs, this interests me a lot.

Anyone else with an opinion on this too?

Great point(s). I bought last AUG, but have yet to pop them. The AUG10 deal was $50 for the 07 Roserock (retail $75) and the 06 Willakia (retail $48). With the current glut in top shelf OR PNs, not sure why we’re being asked to pay 40% more for wines that are less aged. The fact that Obama drank them doesn’t make them any better… (will save the rest of my rant for the Wine.Woot Politics blog).