Expression 44° Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon - 2 Pack

Darn, would love to jump in but would need a rat report too. CA Pinots, well from Russian River at least, get made way over the top. We love a truly traditional burgundian style and Monterey County has been kicking butt in that territory.

We’ve had mixed results from WV Oregon pinots of late. Some good some bland. I’ve heard of these and had some at events. I’ve like them but not sure if it was actually these.

I don’t believe the 39 is an OR PN. So what you’re actually saying is you liked the OR PN better than the one from its neighbor to the South. Sounds like a vote for Greshmahg!

I’ve had four different Expression Pinot Noir’s from both 44 and 39 (I know they have different vineyards in both areas from which they get their grapes and I’m sorry I can’t remember which they were, but there’s a reason for it).

Essentially, and to overgeneralize, these were the Pinot Noirs that finally taught me that I just don’t like Pinot Noir. They were all thin, flat, lacking nuance, and memorable only in the sense that I don’t want to have any more of them (certainly not at this price).

As with every wine on here, one man’s thin/flat/un-nuanced wine is another man’s light/gentle/subtle favorite. Regardless, if you prefer your wine to lean towards the bold side, I’d recommend staying away from these.

Holy expensive pinot Batman!
Little bit of price creep going on here?

A lot of people here have tasted them, so CT on the previous woot wines (go to Cesare’s post in each), and reports about the previous woots in those forums are worth looking at for reviews and opinions! Most seem to think they are very good indeed. Go and have a look. I can’t remember too much, but I had one of my 07s (Zena Crown I think) and it was quite austere and quite tight. Probably needed to decant, or leave it for a lot longer… or don’t have the richness that I might expect at the price! As yet, I have no idea…

The '08’s were def. better than the 07’s, and yeah, the price did creep up a bit, probably based purely on their 90+ point ratings the last few years. Hence the reason for the $75 price tag on the '08 Zena Crown. Regardless, I think this woot deal is worth it. These are quality pinot’s that are a little more old world style. I guess it’s not for everyone, but I happen to like it.

The Oregon '09s are generally ready to drink now because of how they ripened while the '08s need bottle time - as a generalization. The '09 vintage was hotter and picked earlier. I’ve only drunk two '09s to date but I think this advice, from a longtime OR winemaker, is sound.

Good Morning Wooters.

It is I, xpPinotGuy, GM or Expression wines.

This is the debut of our 2009’s. I chose Woot as the first place to offer this wine - it is a good audience and there are plenty of you you have supported our wines and who are now members of our wine club–it has been great to have you aboard!

In any case, we sold out of our 2008’s from Oregon in about 3-4 months. Frankly, in my opinion, the 2009’s are a little more “Oregon” than the 2008’s, but if you are interested in some third party discussion on 2009 from the Willamette - I have attached below the vintage discussion from Jancis Robinson’s 2009 Oregon vintage report for your review.

Live Long and Prosper,


Willamette Valley
‘We had almost record long hang time this year. The fruit was deeply ripe and, because of a three-day, late-September heat spike, sugars got quite high. The wines seem in balance, though. The lush, ripe wines will probably be received quite enthusiastically if the past is any guide.’ Dick Shea, Shea Vineyard/ Shea Wine Cellars

‘There is a personality to each vintage, a pedigree made of weather and terroir that is both intellectually and hedonistically interesting. This vintage is similar to 2002, with good weather during harvest and lots of fruit, therefore satisfying both winemakers and accountants. Flavors are mineral-accented, with no real overripe characters. Whites are typically white flower, spices and stone fruit in character, again with no over-ripeness showing. In general, Pinot Noirs will be flashy and spectacular this year, with good heat for phenolic ripeness, cool final ripening conditions the last 3-4 weeks to retain acidity, and yields that, although not excessive with appropriate crop thinning, give great wines in good quantity. Some early-season heat in warmer sites contributed to a little botrytis and dessication, so we justify sorting conveyors and even a pass of vineyard sorting, made easy to take with lots of clusters hanging. With site differences, we brought in fruit bright and acid-driven, but also rich and broad-palated, fruit from warm or lower-yielding sites.’ Harry Peterson-Nedry, Chehalem

‘Three weeks prior to harvest, we had one inch of rain over a weekend, followed by several warm days near 90 with drying winds. Concerns of the effects of desiccation/shriveling have given way to fresh fruit aromatics with an emphasis on the high notes. Wines appear very balanced in their alcohol and acidity levels. Colour is in a normal range, neither light nor intensely dark.’ Ken Wright, Ken Wright Cellars

‘We ended up with that rare combination of excellent quality and quantity. Hang time was long, sugars were high, especially toward the end. But I’m convinced that there will be a lot of excellent wine made – probably much like 2006. Here at Bethel Heights Vineyard, we left soft fruit hang for longer than I can remember in 30-plus vintages, and that has to be a good thing.’ Ted Casteel, Bethel Heights

‘This year is characterised by big berries, which means that patient vintners will be rewarded by long soaks and time coaxing flavours and pigment out of the fruit. 2009 will make good to excellent wine depending on skill and patience of the vintner. It is a year of the winemaker, not vineyard. Sugars got up there while we all waited for flavor, so alcohols will be higher but the flavor is there for those who know how to get it.’ Steve Girard, Benton-Lane Winery

‘As we approached harvest we had cooler, more normal temperatures. The result was that we saw Brix levels higher than normal, but we had plenty of hang time to reach full maturity without excessive alcohol in most varieties. Later-ripening varieties like Riesling ripened more slowly in the cool weather of mid- and late October, so alcohol levels were normal, but acid and pH levels were perfect. This vintage will give us big wines with plenty of ripe fruit character, but not at the expense of good acid balance. The Pinot Noir has very dark color and more body than usual for us. The early whites (Pinot Gris) will be ripe and mouth filling with more tropical notes but the late varieties like Riesling will be more typical of a cooler vintage.’ Rudy Marchesi, Montinore Estate

I’d disagree on the style from this winemaker – to me they’re pretty typical of what you get from Oregon/California pinot noir and lacking all the earthy quality and distinction of old world wines.

tasted these last night, they both had a “sense of place” from the nose through the finish. The Roserock in particular had a striking layer of minerality. More on my tasting later…

I agree with jb in the sense that we are not trying to make “old world” wines. The idea of the project is to make pinot that is very representative of its AVA and vintage. I generally think that if you want great Burgundy, you should buy…Burgundy. With the price of this Woot, I know a couple off vintage gems from Marquis D’Angerville that you could buy - dont dream of getting a 2005 though…

Additionally, I think Oregon pinot tends to be less fruit forward than Anderson Valley or Sonoma Coast pinot, for example. For those seeking BOLD fruit flavors, pinots from those regions will tend to be bolder. If you prefer bolder than that, my suggestion is Cab, Zinfandel, Granache, Syrah etc. etc.

Generally speaking, I think pinot is about finesse, I respectfully disagree with JB about earthiness, I think the Oregon wines are plenty earthy, however, they are not made to be or meant to taste like Volnay. I like Volnay and I like Oregon Pinot, but unlike JB, I like PINOT!

JB, I will continue to try to make you a pinot lover, please drop me a note on my email: and come by and taste sometime. We have lots of different pinots from different regions and vineyards, I am sure I would get you with one of them!



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We could REALLY use some rattage on this one - CT has nothing as far as notes, scores, or average pricing.

TexaCaliAli’s and JasonToon’s notes!

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this is not a very good price, at least not worthy of woot. I’ve seen this online for $25.00 a bottle.


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