Exquisite Hotel 600TC 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets

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Exquisite Hotel 600TC 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets
Price: $49.99
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12/15/2015 - $49.99

What is the actual color of the “bronze” sheets? They look like a blush color on my screen and lighter than “taupe” which looks brown.

Comments from a previous sale

If you zoom in on the close-up, it looks more blushy like the first pic.

Does anyone know if the colors are fairly true to the pictures? Especially the blue, it looks perfect but if it turned out to be a baby blue I’d be bummed

My fiance and I want to know if these sheets are the same type as the hotels in Las Vegas use. (specifically the Luxor).

We loved the sheet softness, and she claims these sheets should be exactly the same, but I wanted to hear you guys out first!

I also want to hear about the quality of these sheets.

I stayed at a bed and breakfast that had WONDERFUL sheets… substantial with a great sateen sheen that made them almost feel like silk when you climbed in.

I’ve tried for YEARS to find similar sheets… and everything I’ve found (usually by the “feel” test in-stores) is either incredibly thin (not substantial at all) or doesn’t have that silky feeling.

Would love to hear about personal experience with these sheets (or any other sheets that might match my description).


When you turn out the lights all the colors look the same in the dark

I have these sheets in sage and I love them. The color is a soft light green and the feel is amazing. Though these are Egyptian Cotton and not sateen so they are not shiny and silky.

They are warm and soft and just thinking about them makes me wish I was back in bed and not at work.

Looks like a great deal compared to Amazon: http://goo.gl/S02kEu

Argh! I’d be in for a set if they had them in Cal King. Why do you hate me, woot?!

Anyone looking for high end bedding (and lots of other stuff) should check out the mother ship’s other deal site, my habit - myhabit.com

It requires an Amazon login.

From the description: “It boasts a 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen”. It would seem a contradiction.

That said – I bought some 800 TC sheets here a while back that also were listed as sateen, but they don’t have that smooth feel I associate with cotton sateen sheets. I realize it’s a question of terminology, sateen and percale being names for different ways of weaving the fabric, as I understand it. But it’s taught me that the label “sateen” won’t necessarily tell me how the sheets will actually feel.

Thanks for pointing that out. I have some sheets that say sateen on them and some that say Egyptian cotton so I always thought sheets were either sateen or cotton or something else. I never made the connection that they were the same thing.

I had problems with the quality of Egyptian Cotton sheets bought from Woot. Within a few months and 2 washes there were rips. Buyer beware and feels free to comment here if you buy!

Sorry to say, we bought these last time they were on sale here, and are extremely unhappy with them. The mint green turned out to be very taupe-y with a hint of green, they feel rough, not smooth (not how I imagined 600 TC to feel) and they started to pill a lot after only 2 washes.

Thank you for this comment. Sorry you had the problem. I have found that on Woot, if it is not a brand name I recognize and know, I steer clear. We have had too many articles of clothing, etc. with no brand associated with it that were just crap that did not hold up at all.

I’ve purchased these before (at least by this description) and they are the nicest, most comfortable sheets I’ve ever used. I also purchased the 800 TC and while I like them the 600 TC is softer.

I ordered these, but didn’t get them. Instead I got another brand that is just american cotton. The cheap stuff. Total rip off. A misrepresentation.