Exquisite Hotel Collection All Season Down Alternative Comforter

Are there tabs on the corners?

What do you mean by tabs?

On the corners to attach to a duvet cover.

Hi and thank you for your interest in our comforters. These comforters do not have tabs on them.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Should I buy a size up for my queen mattress? Anybody know if they’re big enough that a queen size will be big enough?

Specs list sizes as follows:

Twin: 60"x86"

Hope this helps! Happy Holidays!

Pro tip… always by king size blankets and comforters for your queen. So much more snuggle room, especially if you have a cat, dog, bed mate.

What are shipping costs to Michigan? Can’t easily find without putting my credit card info in.

Everything in your order ships for $5 so load up that cart.

Wish u had a king!

Seriously woot… Please tell me on which planet did these comforters ever cost $300? Ha… You guys are shameless!


King Size White is back in stock!

I just got mine a few minutes ago… I feel like the price I payed was msrp theses are not worth $20 extreamly disappointed. Really woot? Are we just slapping high msrp’s on things to look like a good value? Don’t give me that bs response some one had to know this was garbage

Also the Queen/full, is a full… even says it on the tag…

I tried to order one king in white and it won’t let me… hmmmmm what say yea???

Looks like King is sold out. Sorry.

I just received my king size. It is very small. Dimensions are 102x86. Most king size comforters come in sizes more like 106x92 or even 107x96. This only comes over the edges of my mattress about 4 inches. My mattress is very deep so it won’t work as a cover. I was out of town when I ordered and should have done more research. It is very soft, though, and pretty lightweight for a comforter. The $20 price I paid is worth it just to use it as a blanket.

We received our king grey yesterday…very unimpressed with the quality. Seems as if it’s called a
“The Exquisite Hotel Collection” the quality would be a little more upscale. I still love Woot though :wink: