Extech Meters & Testers

The oscilloscope is making me all drooly. It is pretty and has lots of buttons.

But, sadly, it is also appears to be slower and less capable than a smaller device one third the cost.

That said, Woot has these in stock, while Seeed has backorders…

boy, how scopes has changed, I still got my old Tek 465 sitting around somewhere.

It’s certainly not slower - this thing is rated at 60MHz with both channels operating. The DSO Quad never actually specifies its bandwidth (which is probably a clue about its quality), but at 72MSPS it’s probably no higher than 10MHz or so, and that’s with only one channel operating. For sure check out the comments in this thread before spending any actual money on one. (Money quote: “It’s a toy. Its only saving grace is that it’s small and very portable. If you NEED such a small pocket scope then maybe worth considering, but otherwise don’t waste your money.”)

I can’t find any reviews of this Extech scope, but its specs suggest that it’s a usable but mediocre scope by today’s standards. Unless you really need its portability or multimeter capabilities, I’d suggest looking at a more conventional lab scope by someone like Owon or Rigol. You can get a Rigol DS1052E for about half the price of this, or a Rigol DS2072 which offers massively better performance and features for about $200 more than this.

Come on Woot dudes,
How about offering a smokin good deal on a nice Extech multimeter

(like this one maybe)


We know you have access to all that good stuff in the Amazon warehouses.

Not much beats old analog scopes for certain things. The new digital scopes just aren’t fast enough.

I acquired a Tektronix 7844 mainframe and 2 dozen plugins about 2 years ago. It was obsolete when I was born. It gets the job done, and doubles as a boat anchor.

$650 is a lot of money for this scope IMO. You can get something not quite as portable for much less money.

Can I use the laser thermometer on my children?

I work in electronics/calibration, and have experience working on Extech products. Our techs hate working on Extech units more than any other.

Extech always seems to struggle in quality (cheap plastic, feels light, most units not durable). The units often arrive DOA, or outside of its accuracy specifications.

I would advise to only buy these if you need approximate measurements.

I’m not sure if you can utilize a non-contact thermometer to take oral temperature measurements. My guess is no, there are too many factors that will effect taking an accurate readings.

On top of that, the accuracy of this thermometer is not very good. Per the user manual, the accuracy from 20 to 500°F (-7°C to 260°C): ±3% of reading or ±5°F/2.5°C (whichever is greater).

For a hilarious example of Extech quality (or the lack of same), check out this video review of an Extech multimeter. The first 1:30 of the video is worth watching for sheer entertainment value even if you’re not interested in Extech products.

I almost bought a 465M from my old college but I waited too long.
Tried to get an old HP digitizing scope (it was massive, like 60lb) but was outbid with 6 seconds left. I was upset about that.

Mano-metah doo dooooo, doo doo doo…

Mana Mana

Poor fella. Honestly, Extech may make the worst metrology instrumentation on the market right now (among the big names). There is a reason why you are able to pick up Extech instrumentation so cheap. Spend the extra money on something higher quality, because I can gurantee you that they wont last.

@robin731, thanks for the good laugh.

If Monty Python were still around that guy would fit right in with them. Kind of over the top going on and on about how his little multimeter shorted out. Poor baby.
All you guys trashing this brand know very well that precision electronic instruments are EXPENSIVE. This is a cheap hardware store brand no doubt assembled in China from the cheapest possible components. Chinese circuit boards, capacitors, resistors etc seem to be really low quality in general. So of course these aren’t precision instruments, and they aren’t anywhere near the price of precision instruments either. If all you need to do is check for voltage, look for open circuits, check batteries etc, a cheap multimeter is exactly what you need. If it quits working, throw it in the trash and buy another.

One thing I do know about is wood moisture meters. I import wood flooring so it is important.

I would never buy a pin meter unless I was dealing with odd shaped raw wood.

Go Wagner or go home:

I’m pretty sure that’s 60MHz not 60mHz. Sixty millihertz sample rate is voltage logging, not AC signal display.

Sparkfun’s got 'em in stock. I have one, but I did get it without the expectation that it would be a serious tool. It has a little function generator, and the firmware is open-source, so there are alternatives out there. That said, I’m not sure how serious a tool this O’scope is, and you can get a nice, compact benchtop Rigol for $250 cheaper.

I love EEVBLOG Dave! Great source for entertainment and real information.

Well, a pin meter worked great for me. I had about 1000 sq ft of wood flooring to install in my own home, and a cheap pin meter was exactly what the “doctor ordered” in this case.

Of course, these Extech meters are not exactly priced to be disposable.