Extech Meters & Testers

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I hope they only have a few of each of these, because I’m guessing that Woot doesn’t have a lot of procurement contracts with government labs, universities, and R&D facilities.

I hope they have a bunch of them, and will slash prices to move them later! Muhahahahaaa!!!

Also, small ‘m’ is milli- big ‘M’ is Mega-. Not sure 200 millihertz is very useful in an oscilloscope, but the Manufacturer’s product page clears that up; it’s Megahertz.
User’s manual

I have no interest in any of these. And probably the people who need them have little interest, because Extech is more of a low grade consumer level product, by reputation anyway. Why don’t you snag some nice home handyman type multimeters from Amazon and sell them at a discount here? The market for milliamp calibrators on Woot is probably very small.

I had an ExTech multimeter once. Wasn’t too impressed. It never seemed to work right or maybe I just wasn’t able to work it correctly. That was a good 12 years ago so no idea how their quality is now.

to echo what somebody else said, I would love to see some voltmeters on here. the no touch ones are nice. these things are a very niche item.

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Well played… well played.

Yes, please change the listing. Correct notation is MHz (big M, big H, small z)

I came to the comments hoping to find out why an oscilloscope that could only measure frequencies in the millihertz range would be useful. Now I see that it’s a typo. A glaring, embarrassing typo.

Before you buy, take a look at Hantek, which apparently shares the same guts for much, much less:

Per http://www.eevblog.com/forum/testgear/handheld-dso-comparison-table/

The Extech MS6060 is a Hantek DSO1062B, which is $478.00 at http://www.amazon.com/Hantek-DSO1062B-Handheld-Oscilloscope-Multimeter/dp/B00GWL6KFK

The MS6100 is a Hantek DSO1102B, which is $506 at http://www.amazon.com/Hantek-DSO1102B-Handheld-Oscilloscope-Multimeter/dp/B00GWL31XE

And the MS6200 is a Hantek DSO1202B, which is $580 at http://www.amazon.com/Hantek-DSO1202B-Handheld-Oscilloscope-Multimeter/dp/B00GWL0D1W