eXtEnD ur $iGnaL wif RoUtErS & eXtEnDeRs!



What’s the name of your network? Looking for creative ideas here!

(And feel free to ask questions or shed some light on the awesomeness - or not - of this gear!)


I’ve got two running right now; ‘Fisher Joe’s’ and ‘Fisher Phil’s’. This is what happens when I watch too much commercial TV while playing with my network…

My old “College Years” Network name was ‘Boozer’s Playhouse’, because that’s pretty much what it looked(and smelled) like every day.



It’s a WW2 reference. :smiley:


I’d like to get a new router. still rocking the one from college that’s about 10 years old. how do I know which one here to pick?



No idea why, just like the word.

Can someone tell me about the “TP-LINK TL-WR842ND N300 300Mbps Multi-Function Wireless N Router”

Specifically does it work as a modem to a PPPoE DSL connection? Or is it just a router and I would have to plug it into my current modem/wireless router? i.e. does it accept the special phone cable, or does it just accept an ethernet cable as its connection source?

Hopefully that is not a dumb question, I can be fairly tech savvy, even when it comes to networking i can open and forward ports and configure my security no problem. But I have no clue about the cable vs DSL connection protocols.

EDIT: I think based on the wires it comes with, it is the latter, which is a bummer.


There’s an access point in my neighborhood with the SSID “Free Candy Rape Van”. I don’t know which of my neighbors it is.


So will any of these solve the problem of our PS3 disconnecting all the time during on-line gaming? We keep getting the “connection interrupted” message and then we get booted from the game.


Probably. Chances are that you are getting a weak signal, so getting a better router, or a wireless extender will help.

Depends on how far your PC/Gaming Unit is from the existing router. As well as they type of router. The older the router, the slower the connection, and more chances to get dropped.

So you’d want to get one of the N Routers, not the 54mbps one, if you don’t currently have a N router.

Otherwise, the Wireless Range Extender should help, since it is N as well.


Hi I am Robert and I work for TP-LINK and helped put this Flash Event together. I recommend our TL-WR842ND router that has a speed range up to 300Mbps with a USB port to add on a printer or an external hard drive. You will enjoy this router with it’s rich features.


Never heard of this brand before. After looking over the reviews on NewEgg and Amazon I’ll never buy another Cisco again. The one I want isn’t being offered today unfortunately.


Hi I am Robert and work for TP-LINK.

Here are the Key Features of our TL-WR842ND:

  1. Can go up to 300Mbps
  2. You can have 4 SSID’s with each having their own password. This works great if you like to have multiple login’s for separate connections.
  3. Up to 5 VPN Tunnels to transfer information through a secure private network
  4. 1 USB Port to share a printer
  5. You can share files through a local file & media sharing
  6. WPS Button to easily setup a WPA Encryption
  7. Wireless On/Off Button
  8. Bandwidth control assures download speeds
  9. Parental Control
  10. Easy to setup

It will work with a PPPoE DSL Connection.

If you do connected our router to another router please do keep in mind that you will need to disable DHCP on 1 of the routers.

It will connect to your DSL Modem via an RJ10 (Normal phone cable)then you can you an RJ45 (Ethernet Cable) to connect to other PC’s via the Ethernet ports.

Those were not dumb questions at all, please do not feel that any question is dumb. TP-LINK & WOOT! are here to make your buying experience easy as possible for you.

If you have questions or any difficulties when installing our router please do keep in mind that we do have FREE Tech Support to assist you with your router. Enjoy!


Hi I am Robert and work for TP-LINK.

Are you looking to extend the signal of the current Access Point? If you are then you can use our Range Extender, TL-WA730RE. If you are currently using the internet via the Access Point then you can install our TL-WA730RE assign the SSID to it then you will further the signal within your home.

If you have any further questions please do ask and I will reply back.


So, my apt is really old and when they installed uverse internet he had to redo the wiring for the phone line. My problem is that my apt is also really long and the only working phone jack is now on the opposite side of my living room where my roku and most of the internet use takes place. I thought about just buying a really long phone cord but it seems like one or more of these will fix my problem. Just not sure which one. Any suggestions?


Hi I am Robert and work for TP-LINK.

Currently you are having an IP Conflict with your current router that is having your PS3 disconnect along with other devices. I am a gamer myself and this is our worst nightmare while playing.

I recommend buying our TL-WR842ND, our router supports IP QoS that will help prioritize packets from other packets.

If you are using an older router then most likely your router doesn’t support IP QoS. This will help you with Bandwidth Control, assures download speeds and the quality of multimedia streaming.

I recommend everyone who is an online gamer to use a router that supports IP QoS.

If you have any other questions please feel to ask and I will reply.


Ok Robert I’ll probably push the limit of “no dumb questions” here:

I’m interested in the TP-LINK TL-WA730RE N150 Wireless Range Extender because there are a couple spots in my place that my wireless doesn’t reach. Will it work with my Dual band wireless N Cisco router?

2nd question. regarding the extender. I have a Panasonic T.V. that has an Ethernet port but I don’t have cable run near it. I see the extender has a ethernet cord would it be able to “grab the signal” and convert it to wired. I know this is a bit of a stretch but I figured I would ask.

If you know of a similar device that would perform the task I mentioned above please point me in the right direction thanks


A little confused about this. Isn’t the wire coming out of a modem an RJ45? So how does this item connect to a modem via RJ10?

Let me define some stuff in case I am using the wrong terminology.

Modem: The piece of equipment used to convert a phone (or cable) signal into a high speed internet signal. It accepts a phone line (or cable line) in, and provides an ethernet out.

Router: Piece of equipment to allow multiple connections on a network and also usually provides a wireless network. It requires a ethernet connection which it gets via RJ45 in the case of a plain router only, or via a built in modem using RJ10 if it is a router/modem combination.

I am currently using a combined modem/router for my DSL.

If this device accepts a RJ10 line as an input, then that would suggest to me that it has a DSL modem built into it. If that is the case, I would plug it directly into my wall (using a line filter obviously)? And throw out/donate my old modem/router combined device?

Make sense? So is this a combined modem and router? Or just a router?

And for the sake of clarity for any strangers reading this thread, the specific device I am still talking about is the “TP-LINK TL-WR842ND N300 300Mbps Multi-Function Wireless N Router”.

Sorry for flooding the forum with such technical questions. Hopefully someone else finds them useful too.

EDIT: OK, answered my own question for sure I reckon. Went to the product page on tp-link website which made it pretty clear it accepts a WAN ethernet connection and would not plug into my wall. Oh well, still tempting since I could just use my old modem/router as a modem only. Also, I just want to mention they have a very nice website. Great pictures clearly showing the ports available, and lots of info on the product.


Hi Ruckstande,

I am Robert and work for TP-LINK. I am happy that you took the time to read over our reviews on Newegg and Amzon to see our great rating and reviews.

Our products work extremely great right out the box which now in days that is extremely tough find around.

I do apologize if the router that you are looking for is not listed, but you should take a look at the Wireless Powerline Adapters (TL-WPA271KIT). Powerline is one of the hottest technology that is around and helps with boosting your current wireless signal within your home or office w/o having to run cables.

If you have used Cisco in the passed I know you will enjoy our TP-LINK products. Have a wonderful day.


Hi Robert,

Thanks for being here to answer questions!

I just purchased the Range Extender, but I’m curious about the TP-LINK TL-ANT2406A 2.4GHz 6dBi Indoor Directional Antenna. Is that product for enhancing broadcasting (from a router), or reception? Either way, which of the other products here does it attach to?



Hi icpete,

I am Robert and work for TP-LINK. Rather than buying a long phone cord you can purchase our TL-WPA271KIT that will extend your current wireless signal w/o using any cables.

You will plug the non wireless powerline to the wall and router then plug the 2nd wireless powerline device in another room to extend your current wireless signal.

Powerline is one the Hottest Technologies around that consumers and home installers are using w/o having to run cables.

This will improve your current wireless connection w/in your home.

If you have any questions please do ask and I will reply back.