Extendable Mini Tripod



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oh my, what have I done? thx wooters.us!

Extendable Mini Tripod [New] - $0.49 + $5 shipping

1 * Digital Concepts TR-036CL-8 Mini Tripod with Extension Legs and Tilt Head

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at amazon reviews page


I swear… if you don’t buy 3 you’re ripping yourself off.


Good for still work and closeup. With $5 shipping, you’ll want to order 3, and I can’t see much reason to have 2 backups. So order 1 for yourself, and give the others away.

Although it does occur to me that some folks might want one for still photos and another for a webcam.


Almost was in for one until I saw the Amazon reviews. Seems like a waste of $5.49.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen these in the 99 cents only store.


This is the cheapest little tripod ever. And the reviews confirm it in more ways than one.


I have one of these. The quality is very bad, my canon elph is apparently too heavy to keep the tilt lock from slipping. Also my camera would never be level due to the tilt lock. I’d pick one up for $.49, but shipping seems to be a killer though.


Will this work with a DSRL?


No way. You don’t want to put that thing on this. If you even tried to use it for that, it would most likely tip over.


i have one and i swear i heard a crack when i put a dslr on it. very iffy on the ability of this tripod to lift a dslr


Great… I can get the roses on woot… the tripods, and video everything that happens that night with all three of my cameras…:slight_smile:


I have one that came with a free “beginner photographer’s starter pack”. Completely worthless for anything but the lightest point-and-shoot cameras. This is one bad Woot that Woot should SERIOUSLY rethink.

In for 0.


As the Amazon reviews will show you, this only works for smaller cameras, and even then if you’re not doing anything too crazy. Our Fuji Finepix A210 is probably on the high end of what it can handle (0.4 lbs) and still be able to take photos in the “portrait” orientation.

Unlike what the Amazon reviews say, however, I wouldn’t call it flimsy. We’ve had one for over four years, and while it’s only been used a handful of times, it has been toted around in the camera bag the whole time, and shows no signs of falling apart.

Of course, it was just in reading the woot description that we remembered that the legs telescope (feeling really smart). Man, that will make setting the portrait shots much easier!

So if you have a very slight, slim camera (if it has a tripod mounting hole), this is a decent option. For anything heavier, forget it.


Great price, but I usually use my phone for pictures these days. Don’t think this is compatible with an iphone.


Hey! I bought one of these at Walmart once upon a time. It lasted through a good couple of years of heavy abuse. I liked how compact it was (I always kept it in a small camera case WITH my camera).

Here’s the only thing that I didn’t like: The weight of my old-school Canon PowerShot (Model A60?) was heavy enough to prevent me from locking it into significant forward/backward tilted positions on the tripod. (The weight of the camera made it fall the rest of the way forward/backward.) So if you have anything heavier than one of those nifty Canon digital elphs, don’t plan on using the camera at any angles besides straight up and down, and looking straight forward.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to take nice looking group photos with your camera’s “timer” function, this is your answer. I never had to worry about looking for a perfectly even place to put the camera - picnic tables, rocks, trees, it’s all good.


I got one for free a while ago, and it’s the biggest piece of crud ever. Useless for anything but a completely flat surface. (and for the lightest camera ever)


probably gonna be in woot off and lots of bocs


I bought one of these awhile back, and it has been fantastic to keep on hand for my Minolta X-700 (all manual film SLR for my Photo I class) when I’m on the go. I have not yet tried it with my DSLR and a heavy lens, though.