Extendable Mini Tripod

Dats cheep, yo!


mini booooooooooooooo

Deal doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

is this anyone else’s nickname?

And let the bargain deal commence!

My lord! You’re a tripod. What you been feeding that thing, eh?

Stands 8” tall when fully extended

Stands 5” tall when partially extended

Just like…

I’d probably buy this if it weren’t for shipping costing 10 times more than the product…

A dollar at the Dollar Tree…

Hoepfully will go quick!

sweet. just what i always didnt want.

What do you call a dog with two legs?

I believe I bought one of these for $1 at the Dollar Tree not long ago, at least I saw one of them there for a $1. Definitely not for me, the shipping kills it.

Oh god

not this crap again

Is woot trying to see how cheap of an item than can bring the wootoff to a halt with?

No wonder the one I got in my last bag broke, by the price they must be high quality.

Three of these work out to about $2.15 each and they make nice (incidental) gifts. In for three.