Extendable Mini Tripod

49 cents to buy, $5 to ship. Can’t buy less than 3, can’t buy more than 3 … shipping still exceeds purchase. They should have sold these in packs of 3.

If it had 4 legs…maybe

if you can’t find someone to take the picture for you, this will definately give you a leg up on the situation.

awful tripod! cant even hold my canon elph point and shoot

I hope that they only have 1!!!

Click lock isn’t the best; it really only holds well enough for lightweight cameras. Nonetheless, it’s proved useful daily and has earned a permanent place in my daily bag. The legs extend to twice the length shown in the pictures.

One for me, two for gifts.

I got these last time and you get you pay for…not much. Pretty junkie.

It’s not even CLOSE to being worth the cost of shipping…

I concur.

I got 3 last Wootoff. They work great.

Like a baby’s arm holding an apple!

crappy mini tripod, poor build & bad design.

the only minitripod you should own is the gorillapod, or at least a good knockoff of it.

In for one, just for eBay purposes…for other stuff from this woot-off. =D

I’ve got the 4" version of this. Great for ebay or things like that, but if your camera is bigger than a point-and-shoot, it’s not going to hold up. My Nikon SLR is a bit to heavy for the mini tripod. A lot of good timer shots of my ceiling though!

yakity yak…don’t want that!

This cheap POS again?

I guess it would work if you want to put an $80 Kodak on it…but no way would I risk a DSLR on this chintzy thing.

uh oh… looks like BBOCC fodder to me…

I can’t see this doing very well under the wait of a prosumer video camera.

who would just buy one of these… come on its only $1 more for two more… lol