Extendable Mini Tripod

take 3


They sell these things at dollar tree for a dollar.


Ah yes…the mandatory mini tripod.

Oh wow now I can film my first amateur …nevermind :wink:

they’re $0.49. Buy 3!

Hey, for 50 cents how far wrong can you go?

Bought these last Woot-Off to keep it moving. You guys weren’t kidding; they really are pretty crappy. You get what you pay for!

lol 5 dollar shipping

I did!

This is the end…

I got 3 of these from Woot, and one came broken. Woot replaced it - no questions asked.

These do the job for a small digicam or light. Not for digital SLRs though.

Well, it’s c r a p allright, but I think you got the wrong word!

Is this the next generation TRIpod, or trIpod

wow, I’d like one of these if I didn’t have to pay $5 to ship – they’re about $7.99 at Best Buy

Lunch break.

I really like these things. I got three (in “pink” which is really a red) last time they came up just to move the woot-off along and have been really impressed with them. They fit easy in my camera bag, can hold my slr, and work great with my tiny camera as well. I expected them to be total trash and was very surprised when they weren’t.

I wouldn’t use this unless I were to superglue my phone to it, then it would be rather awkward talking on my tripod phone.