Extendable Mini Tripod




is it just me or did that switch over really fast?, oh well im not complaining


Ha ha, they said extendable mini tripod.

So, it’s 8" when it’s fully erect?

If it wasn’t for the $5 shipping, I would buy 1.

Just sold 3 of these on Craigslist from previous craps.

I expected this. Twitter seems to have it’s facts mixed up. Might be useful. wink.

they must hava a billion of these… I got a whole box in my last boc.

$5.00 shipping on a $0.50 item… I think i’ll pass

I might buy this if it cost $5 and the shipping was only 49 cents. The five dollar shipping is a non starter on this.

bought these for $0.01 last woot-off

buy 3 for best deal

Not a refurb! Do not want!! Where are my Roombas and Leakfrogs?!?

Save your money. This thing broke before I got it out of the package.

[Bangs head on desk]

Extendable Mini Break