External Hard Drive Bonanza

Holy crap! I bought a refurb TiVo Premiere DVR back in January 2011 for $64.99 which is still going strong. Which is good because I sprang for the lifetime service too. I think that was at least $300.00. It was the same time I cut my cable so mathematically, I was money ahead like a year or so later. Very good investment. You wouldn’t believe sometimes the entertaining shows I found on PBS etc because I had to :slight_smile:

The only complaint I’ve ever had was that is would only record around 75 hours of shows.

In a way it has been a good thing, to limit myself. Somewhere I’ve got a box of VCR tapes I’ll never watch. So I’ve learned to live with it.

You could expand it with an external HD but they had a very specific model they recommended. After doing some poking around the first year or so I had given up on finding an eSATA WD AV DVR 1Gig external drive (which is what TiVo says it needs) for anything like a reasonable price.

Over the years, I’ve read how you can use a special linux disc to format a larger hard drive for the TiVo, making it into an XL version but I never quite found the time.

But here comes Woot! And here comes me with the WD My Book 1TB AV DVR Expander for $50 shipped in my cart! Thanks Woot!

You can come over to my house and watch hours and hours of “Americas Test Kitchen” now :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if these or any of the external hard drives will work with Windows 8 or 8.1 ? Saw only 7 listed.

Yes they will, provided you have a free USB port, or eSATA or firewire etc.

Chances are you don’t have to worry about the firewire or eSATA thing. If you have a relatively new Windows 8 or 8.1 machine you probably have a free USB 3.0 port. If all you have are USB 2.0 ports, that’s fine too; you just won’t get the faster transfers if your external drive is capable of USB 3.0.

Stay away from the ones that say “for Mac” because while you can get them to work, it might take some fiddling and possible reformat.

There was a nice 2TB USB 3.0 external that sold out after only one sale so who knows how many others of these there are.

The reason Windows 8 isn’t mentioned is because these are older technology, they are refurbished but they do come with a small warranty. You can buy a Square Trade warranty to extend that out a bit but I wouldn’t trust them for Grandma’s priceless pictures as the only place I would keep them.

They’re just using the original specs and advertizing blurbs. Hope this helps!

EDIT: Looking back through, I think this onelooks like an attractive deal, if I was shopping for myself :slight_smile:

yeah, the only fiddling that would be needed is a reformat. You won’t need a bow for that…


Wow! A whole mess of smaller, refurbished hard drives for only a few bucks off new ones! How could anyone ever pass this up?

Right on target. These are no bargain. You can get brand new ones with full warranty for another $10 or $20. Not nearly enough of a deal to justify using repaired old drives to backup data.

The way I see it this WD VRap is a major bargain…IF you’re willing to accept the risk of drive failure with a 6 month warranty. I have owned 12 Raptor drives and not yet had any failures. A bare VRap 1TB is about $240 and this is a set of 2 with the enclosure one could resell. Formatting for my Win machine isn’t a big deal and worth the savings. Very tempting I may have to bite!

Assuming the only potential failure is the HD (and not logic board) this is a great deal. Shoot, the drives each by themselves (new) would be worth more than this buy.[10x10


With interchangeable drives on the VRap, that makes this a steal, IMO.

thanks a lot woot, got the 3tb WD NAS and you sent me a UK AC adapter… emailed you asking to get a correct adapter but you are refusing

I’m really sorry about that. In this case, I’d suggest getting in touch with Western Digital. These hard drives have a 6 month warranty through them. They can likely send you the correct adapter.

Thanks Woot!

I got the expansion drive yesterday, I followed the instructions hereand now I have so much more room!

The drive is running silent. It looked like brand new in the box and appears to be running likewise.

This is why I can’t quit you Woot.

I bought the Western Digital WDBC3G0030HAL My Book Studio 3TB FireWire 800 Desktop External Hard Drive - (Mac Formatted).

It arrived. It is a different drive-- a WD My Book 1.5TB USB External Hard Drive!

When I contacted Woot to send me what I paid for, they said it was not available.

I smell a rat.

Total ripoff and waste of time.

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with your order.

We recommend that you contact Western Digital Support as they should be able to help find a resolve.
The item purchased should be carried by a 6 month warranty.

If you contact them and they’re unable to assist you, please feel free to email into support@woot.com with your order number and they should be able to answer any questions or concerns you have.

Yep. Crap. I ordered my expansion drive and it was delivered in fine fashion.

I’ve been reading up and these VelociRaptor drives seem to be quite the cat’s meow.

But I’ve already bought a NAS and a freaking sewing machine yesterday.

But a man needs to know his limits. May I present my feelings in a song?


What has no thumbs and loves what he does?

This guy.

And if you have a Thunderbolt port which may be a rather important caveat here. Still, I was surprised to see that this drive available several days into the sale. On Amazon, new ones go for $500+. I’ve had good luck with WD refurbs in the past, too. Unless there is something seriously wrong with them, $170 is a steal. Even then, a Thunderbolt RAID enclosure and the cable are roughly the same price.

Woot needs to get its customer “service” act together. Just like the rep that emailed me, you didn’t even bother to read what I wrote.

I’s very surprising Woot would be so tone deaf on an obvious shipping error. Have you gone back and carefully reviewed what you ordered? These multi-page sales can be confusing.

OK, so assuming you have received the wrong item it will be a simple matter to dispute the item with your credit card company. Save the original packaging, wrap it back up and await instruction to send it back.

In the unlikely event you did order this in error, I can offer you a 50% mitigation of your mistake. You’ll have to set up an eBay sale of some sort but I’ll pay $30 shipped to Oklahoma for your drive if that is agreeable.

I’m just trying to help you out here. You can tell me to go piss off or whatever but since you’re posting so publicly, I thought it only fitting a member of the public would try to help.

I also had a Europe specific AC adapter and was told by Woot to contact Western Digital.
Smh woot should specify AC adapter is Europe specific on the product description page