External Hard Drive Bonanza

Can anyone tell me whether the My Book for Mac is compatible with Yosemite? I read an Amazon review that says it isn’t (even though specs say OSX 10.5 or later.) Can anyone at Woot confirm with the company? Thanks so much…

Before you plug-in the WD Mybook, make sure you downloaded the newest WD software which supports your current OS(if you plan to use it). Most of the WD drive models listed came out between Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion/Windows 7 and WD isn’t known for updating their factory software image even on refurbished. On the other hand if you plan to use OS X’s Time Machine for backups, just wipe the drive in Disk Utility before using.

Personally I avoid any bundled external drive sync software on a Mac, they always fell behind in supporting new OSes and Mavericks hell from WD(data loss) proved you don’t want to rely on bundled software unless necessary(ex: WD Mybook space indicator status or Seagate early GoFlex Desktop storage usage indicator lights)

So helpful. Thank you so much!!

Any comments on theses refurbished hard drives for Macs?