Extra Deep Pocket Solid Sheet Set

Extra Deep Pocket Solid Sheet Set

I just received mine today and was disappointed to find that my 100% cotton sheets are not, in fact, 100% cotton and that the “extra deep” pockets are actually a strip of knitted fabric, like a thin T-shirt, which is not all cotton, is sewed onto the side of the fitted sheet. I expect it will not last as long as the top of the fitted sheet and I don’t think the seam would be very comfortable…I’ve never seen an actual sheet constructed like this before and was very disappointed to find there was no evidence of this unusual construction in the description before I bought them. I will try using them but am quite disappointed that they are not at all what I expected.


Hi there. Would like a photo of what you’re describing. What is the fabric content if not 100% combed cotton?

Also, if you’re unhappy, please reach out to Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Sorry this is late. This is from the vendor about the additional material you noted:

With the sheets being all cotton they do not have the stretch that is needed in order to make them deep pocket. The Manufacturer adds a more stretchable extension to the bottom to make the sheets extra deep.

sorry I didn’t see this sooner or I would have taken a picture or two or three for you but I have returned the sheet set as the top didn’t fully cover the top of my king size mattress. Basically what it is is that the fitted sheet is not one solid piece of fabric as fitter sheets should be. The top of part of the fitted sheet, or what should have covered the very top of the mattress, is the same material as the flat top sheet and the pillowcases. but the part that is to go around the sizes of the mattress with the elastic to hold it on is not the cotton material but rather part cotton and part other materials and it is not a woven material but it is a jersey material…like that used in jersey sheet sets, or in a Tshirt and there is a double seam connecting the two materials…the seam would not be comfortable to the skin particularly since the cotton sheet material did not quite cover the top of the mattress and therefore the seam lies on the top outer edges. Since this product is what I would consider inferior and it was not as advertised when I ordered it, and it doesn’t even fit properly I decided I needed to return them without using them…although I did try them on my mattress which is how I determined they did not even fit properly. I am disappointed in what I got. I hope next time I order sheets from here they will be what I expected. This is actually my second disappointment with sheets because last year I ordered a nice looking sheet set and within only a few weeks of use the fabric pilled up and are quite uncomfortable to the skin. I did not ask for a return on that set as I had already slept in them.

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I ordered these sheets and a few days later, received a notice the order was cancelled, but gave no reason, so, I ordered them again. I sent a message and asked why they were cancelled and received a message that they were no longer in stock. I went back to the order page and they’re still there. If they’re not available, why doesn’t Woot remove them? Oh, and Woot sent me a message with a survey asking whether the problem was solved. when I tried to reply, the link was bad. (If no, please click here:
http://survey.wootcom/?p=AI5XHIGLE7YGG&key=hn) which is why I’m replying here. Sheesh! Just take the page down. (My daughter and I both ordered these sheets. We are both very disappointed!)

Hi there. I’m not sure either to be honest but I’m asking. Could be the vendor took too long to ship.

Holy cow I love these sheets! Mine definitely say and feel like they are 100% cotton. The price point is as good as it gets for cotton sheets, and I LOVE that they include the size of sheet on the label - so happy with this purchase!

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Yay!! I got the second set I ordered, but, am sooooo sad to say that they were the wrong size (I ordered queen, but, received king). My daughter was absolutely thrilled with her set, though. Since they’re out of stock now, I am trying to determine whether they can be replaced by a different brand (I’ll even take a different color if it’s green or white or beige or tan or peach (but, no blues, purples, reds because they would clash terribly)). My skin sensitivity makes it really difficult for me to sleep on anything but 100% cotton. As you probably know, cotton can be very pricey, so this was a godsend for me. Please help me if you can. I love Woot and have been a loyal customer for a very, very long time.

the sheets I received looked nothing like that.

100% cotton

(Except for the part that is not)